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Katie in the morning. The number one hit music station. What oh seven five Casey L yesterday was a very scary day for students and faculty and the parents. Oh, yeah. Smith high school where an armed man, Greensboro. Winston greensborough. Far from here. It isn't. Yeah. Walked into Smith high school carrying several guns, several magazines and a backpack filled with boxes of bullets. He was apprehended. For some people might not understand it is that's like reloading your God has a bunch of bullets in it to reload. So we're going to take a listen, the Greensboro police chief did a press conference yesterday and kind of answered or talked a lot about exactly what happened and what we know. Take a listen just before twelve forty pm today on these Smith high school's campus. A school employees working as a monitor. If you will inside the cafeteria area noticed an individual that did not fit in that had wandered or walked into the cafeteria. We believe they came to the open court area in the school and walked into the cafeteria the school employee approached this individual ask good, they help them. What were they therefore after a short exchange, the individual brandished, a handgun Josh shirt to show a handgun and made some request that. Immediately alerted the school official, obviously, there's a problem. The gun part just gun Peres terrifies. So brazen all the kids there in you walk in and good for that. The cafeteria worker for not only seeing something unusual but saying something in approaching him which is dangerous in itself because I'm sure there's people that come by the school to visit. They don't check in like oh, sorry. I got lost. And so that could have been whoever this person, male or female could have been their last day. And if there was any armed security at the school while the Greensboro police chief does answer that school officials acted quickly. Calling lockdown over the radio began to move students out of that area. And is this was going on this one individual left the cafeteria and walked back to the court the art area. Obviously, this alerted are SRO that was on campus and less than a minute. The SRO was in the courtyard and confronted this individual or the individual pulled two handguns out one all my gosh. SRO student resource officer. Yes, they're police officers with guns in Iraq. And I think what there's like one or two that are assigned. Typically depends on the school some schools have done some serious have one. That's true. So I'm have to. And so the police chief of Greensborough continues the altar confronted the individual then fled across the campus are all Sergei foot chase within about sixty seconds or less because we were calling in on the radio we had additional resources arriving while we were able to apprehend the subject only age of. School property near the the driveway near the tennis courts. I'm very pleased to say that neither that individual or any grades police officer had to fire weapon. There was use of force. A taser was used to bring the subject into control and make the arrest. That is quick because I mean, it's like right off Holden road in Greensboro area. But I mean, the fact that they tasers him meaning he was kind of resisting or whatever. And who knows when he was going to take that gun and pull it out and possibly shoop already. Showed the two people while he was standing there that he was armed if you're just joining us, by the way yesterday was a very scary day for those at Smith high school when a man armed man walked onto the campus. And it was a cafeteria worker who I noticed that. There was somebody who on campus who did not belong mugshot. He's older..

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