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So in this case, Tom Carper Senator from Delaware, what did he do? He voted to deregulate the banks. He's a democrat. Why did he do that? Because it takes a giant amount of money from the banks. So it's Tom Carper. Corrupt goddamn, right? He's corrupt. So go vote in a primary for carry Harris whose adjusts democrat, who refuses to take corporate pack money. Why do I keep. Emphasizing that because if they take the corporate money, they work for the corporations, they don't work for you when they don't take it, at least you know that there have a shot at representing you. So go vote for Kerry Harrison, Delaware throw that corrupt, Tom Carper out of office. Otherwise, he'll vote for the bankers for the rest of your life. Go boating primaries, and by the way, if you're a Republican vote and your primary, I don't know if you could find it on US Republican at the national level in primaries or otherwise. So if you can bless your heart, if you can't run for office, believing, conservative principles, conservative principles are not robbing them African people on behalf of Wall Street. When did that become a conservative principle? No, almost all of your representatives are corrupt understand that and vote them out of office and do it immediately because if you don't do it right now as Anna pointed out after the elections continue to put her in place, she's promised to rob you and she will rob you and they'll applaud while doing so throw all those bums out. All right. We gotta take a break when we come back all the updates on the Cohen scandal, you don't wanna miss it. My favorite part is watching Trump squirm. Terse Jenkin, Anna, lots of comments for you guys. Let's go through them on Twitter. I Dr kiss MD says to make for the tax cuts, we should cut spending on welfare. Interesting says no more corporate subsidies, no more tax exempt status for your churches. No more interest loans for banks to do that. Watch the banks howl. If you say, hey, you don't get a no interest loans anymore. Like how dare you. We.

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