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Holiday gift for someone special and this is personal it's very personal and on joining us now we have both of you ladies here online katie and jennifer is that correct good morning to you all now this is a lucy katie burns and jennifer cruzi act now you're what are you like high school buddies or something he decided to do this together went well how did this all happened so we didn't know each other and high school but our husted instead they went to school together okay and we met her husband's that's how it happened mostly we'll tell me hold his business started there's a lot of different ideas decreed a business use you decided to create gift baskets in in your kind of her i mean give basques have been around for a while my gosh probably since the beginning of time but this is a little bit different maybe you can explain that to our listeners sure yeah so um eighty i actually have a nonprofit that i run with my husband um that we started after our older daughter emma was born in 2014 tho every year we have a mother take you for mom you have had a law and hugh two years ago now we were getting ready for the mothers at and putting little defects together for all the ladies who are coming in because if we wanted to personalize the of i've let them feel like they were leaving with something special mmhmm so john was hoping and we were doing it and everybody that was blocking through cornerstone of hope which is where we host the tea was saying oh my gosh those are so cute everything looks great on we love the is then we kind of were looking at each other like we could probably started business doing something like us so it really happened organically and really fast quite frankly it kind of i've gotten a life of its own um so that's how the idea start at and then um we started officially a couple of months after that and we have always said from the beginning that you know we want things to be like you said very personal everything we do with custom for the client needs um we don't hold like a lot of inventory your staff because every gift that we.

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