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Jaffrey racking is accused of knowingly giving giving giving rather and they are fifteen rifle to his thirty year old son despite his having been a patient, and they mental health unit a Methodist medical center of Illinois in Peoria, a demonstration outside the circuit court the Saint Louis police officers association calling on circuit attorney Kim Gardner to take the witness stand before a special. A grand jury investigating allegations of perjury by her team during the Crichton's case Gardner was set to testify before the grand jury today. But according to media reports decided not to that's not sitting. Well, police union spokesman Jeff Rawda, I think it's fair to ask what she has to hide and she's spending a lot of tax dollars. Hiding it came like sent a request for comment to garner. Spokesman we are awaiting a response. A new movement called STO made is trying to help the region grow simply by telling its story. The goal is to make more people aware of the innovators across the Saint Louis region. Lee brought says there are some institutions more famous outside Saint Louis than inside for example, agitate Charles that the guy that we've met in this journey and who runs a company called master clock that he's the time for NASA for the Olympics for every live broadcast in the US rotten says if more stories like that are known maybe the next startup will come to Saint Louis and bring investment dollars along with it. Brian feldman. Newsradio eleven twenty K Molex. Kmox. News time four oh seven. It took the legislature less than a week to pass a measure banning the sale of nicotine products to anyone under twenty one state. Senator Julie Morrison says they want to help keep kids from picking up smoking or vaping. We do know that nine out of ten people who are smoking right now started before the age of eighteen we also know that eighteen thousand.

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