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Were preparing for the christmas holidays il wool houses walkout flooded but people could no longer exist that home so they were trapped by the strong waters viggo swept away a search and rescue is underway for more than thirty people slip away from one fishing village about twelve thousand people have left their homes for higher ground a fire at the london zoo this morning turns deadly killing an aardvark and possibly four mere cats me she was a firm favourite with stafan children at the zoo the noneuro dogs petting sessions what popular with vistas the focus for investigators is still a stoppage how the fire started and to make sure the building a structurally sound sky news correspondent or sheesh joshi several people treated for smoke inhalation one taken to the hospital again no word on the calls of that fire a black mom take the white copped a court in texas on civil rights charges of federal civil rights case was filed friday against fort worth officer william martin charged with using excessive force wrongful arrest he was captured on phone video yearago are responding to an argument between jacqueline craig their neighbor craig who is black was accused by the neighbor of choking your eight year old son for littering another argument between craig creggan officer martin escalated and the cop arrested both craig and her teenaged daughter after wrestling them to the ground and other daughter who video the altercation was arrested two while charges against craig and her two daughters were dropped officer martin received a 10day suspension karen mccue fox new and big change is that the miss america organisation the ceo president and chairwoman all resign and stepping down shortly after the pageant suspended the ceo of our emails the showed he and others disparaged former miss america winners i'm carmen roberts fox news.

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