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Can I go? This is a bilingual American history. Podcast each week. I Dave Anthony read a story from American history to me. Amigo Gareth Reynolds. Who has no idea what the topic is going to be about? And we actually are now a bilingual history podcast because starting on the eighteenth. The doll being Spanish got a couple of hosts couple Mexican gentleman who are very funny. And they're gonNA start doing our scripts and so it will be called L. Dollop you speak Spanish now. Nicole and eighteenth will be the first one Jose Antonio Body and Eduardo Spinoza. They are really funny and it's going to be called L. Dollop Fun. We are brought to you in part by squarespace. The space that is square. You guys know squarespace Website Company Do Means Websites online store marketing tools. All that good stuff. We adopt loved them so much. So that one of them lives in my house. Frank we have been using squarespace for a while. I have my own website. Squarespace websites is squarespace. The DOPP sources pages squarespace the website itself. It's learning we're also we're all squarespace we're up we're so we're so deepen squarespace. It's disturbing so get on board. Look you can turn into website. You can showcase you work. You can blogger published content. You can sell products and services of all kinds promote your fiscal look. It's a website. You guys know what a website is. I shouldn't have to explain that to you. You're listening to a podcast for God's sakes you can email campaigns. Look they have great templates. That's why I I was attracted Discourse Base super-busy US. I've never had any problems with squarespace. Twenty four seven customer service. It's all there it's all happening. Get ONBOARD JUMP IN. Make yourself up some squarespace. Whatever that whatever that means so. Did I mention for insecure hosting? I did so go to squarespace dot com slash curve for a free trial. And that means you can go in and like setup how you want your website to look before you pay for it. You can mess around the templates which is really cool. So checkout squarespace dot com slash doll for free trial. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code dollop to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain of course dot com and we are also brought to you by Helix. Yes mattresses look. Helix came to me in a box opened the bucks up. Watch Mahela Helix match. I call it coming to life. Watched it come to it? Was like watching a human being being born except as a mattress and I got my helix all set up a laid down on it and it was one of the most beautiful moments in my life my body sinks in but not that much it sinks in the perfect amount asleep face down. I mean my face isn't down at term ahead to this. I'm not a crazy person but I sleep face down and I'm getting super comfortable sleep. I'm a helix previous mattress. This was not happening. I was waking up on. I toss and turn now. I'm sleeping all the way through to the morning. Sometimes to the next evening I have emotional problems. I'm trying to work through it. Look helixsleep has a quiz. It takes two minutes to compete complete and matches your body type and sleep references to the perfect mattress for you. I gotTa Lux. That's how it works. Worked out perfectly if you like a mattress that's really soft or firm is on your side or your back or your stomach or you sleep really hot with Helix. There's a specific mattress for each and everybody's unique taste like I said Lux sa- best it's a medium. It's beautiful just six inches so nice. Helixsleep was even awarded the number one best overall mattress pick of two thousand nineteen by an wired magazine. Just go to helixsleep dot com slash doll. Take their two minute sleep quiz. And the match you to customize mattress that will give you the best of your life. They have a ten year warranty. And you get to try it out for one hundred nights risk-free they'll even pick it up for you if you don't love it but you're gonna you're going so I don't WanNa hear about it. Helix is offering up to two hundred dollars off.

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