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Minivan here from working together some years ago and the david penguin points out the exact moment in that and i thought buddy how you guys you're so close to a story that so few people need to know and a story that i'm trying to rewrite the undercover up history and truth pirates and help redraw them from the rogues that we think they are to the role models that things should be so i want to fill in the gaps misconceptions running when you turned up today i said would you like a cup of tea oh and butler roman straight lay you put me you put me right yeah yeah on a mission i'm on a mission i think a strange thing why is it that these kind of violent murderous thieves of history are acceptable fafsa children's parties you wouldn't have a pablo escobar party for a six year old or anything else because there's a really confusing history around them the truth is i'm i'm arguing the truth is that these guys belong in working class history in the same places that levels in the grand arc of history possibly even on a on a on a spectrum with the suffragettes or the civil rights movement which is a big claim i'm i'm aware don't tell us by will thanks very much i'm just gonna took into one of these biscuits that you've baked you pirates attack is heart attack heart attack and i want to play that game because there is a lottery in pirates there was some peg legs and there were some hooks because there was a very difficult and damaging business they're in but they were no planks for example that was entirely made up by robert louis stevenson one hundred years after the event and there was chaos and there was anneke and there was wrong of course but the interesting and important thing for two thousand eighteen for for generation looking out to certain uncertainty and a distinct lack of imagination a leadership level is a generation the millennials of the hour who took responsibility accountability themselves and rejected the rules of society a broken and unfair society and self serving establishment and they wrote them and that's the distinction every single in the paris did that we know for them to be rebellious they replace those rules with something better more innovative and more fair so we're pirates young then average age of the parents was twenty eight.

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