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Is twenty six minutes paul six after a difficult day on the court yesterday at wimbledon hopes british hopes rest on johanna konta goldenrod born it is their own innate guess a lovely sunrise over wimbledon this morning the concourse surround send a court freshly hosed down which him when it feel somehow symbolic the washing away of those bad memories yesterday for andy murray beaten in five clearly painful sets by the american some query that moi's years being troubled of course as being shingles and elbow injury in two bouts of fluid now this a longstanding ding hip problem which certainly raises questions about his participation in the u s open starting at the end of august and maybe other events beyond well thirty year old murray will discuss the issue today with his team but been doing it for a very long very long term drew mercury overseers you go older things a little bit tougher to to manage than they are you're you're younger of managed to do with it for a very long time you know i'm sure moving forward obey will too you know to to to go through an gis new to need to do all of the right things and be even more diligent and tennessee's fitness issues were further highlighted by the withdrawal with an elbow injury of novak djokovic from his quarterfinal against thomas batic who was leading by set to gain thieving roger federer as the only one of the socog oh big through to the semifinals he knows rounded chins straightsets with nine church the other semifinalist after defeating she'll mullahs in five sets and so as they consented to today with your hanna controversies venus williams the main focus correspondent muscle for a looks ahead venus williams was the player hanna konta most trivia it is a child but when they met for the first time at a grand slam in last year's australian open konta took the occasion in stride and won comfortably she maybe a little drained by the intensity and drama alpha quarterfinal victory ever simona halep but she is eleven years williams giunea at thirty seven the american is the oldest semifinalist since martina navratilova nineteen ninetyfour experience could count for a lot but there is no doubt konta as the confidence and the form to reach the.

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