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And the Brooklyn bound apps are running with delays. I'm Karen Stewart. Our next report is eight fifty one on ten ten win wins. News time, eight forty two cops responding to a domestic incident say a suspect pulled a long knife on them saying shoot me they opened fire. The suspect is dead. An officer was hit this all happened on Staten Island. And that's where we find our Glenn Chuck this morning. This all began with the nine one one call just before ten last night in officers quickly responding to here at thirty bridge court Ma far from the Verizon bridge, they tried changing this man, I apparently, but he would not drop a foot long knife. The officers fired ten to twelve shots killing the suspect. But also struck in exchange is one of our officers is currently in stable condition receiving medical treatment. Here. The officers family and colleagues are with within here at the hospital. Police Commissioner Neil saying that officer was struck in the stomach now later today. They will learn more about the suspect in any prior times. Police may have been called to this address and more about the injured who so far not identified. Gwen shock ten ten wins before Wadsworth section of Staten Island. A funeral mass will be held for twenty year old college of New Jersey student Michael Saad at Saint John the apostle church in Clark at ten o'clock. This morning sought was killed when his car was struck by an alleged drunk driver, December second Saad was the designated driver for five of his friends. Several were seriously injured and remain in the hospital. One person has died in a house fire on elder avenue in Farmingdale Long Island happened last night to firefighters were treated for smoke at elation no word on the cause. And in Manhattan, a two alarm broke out at the Serbian mission to the UN on east. Sixty eighth street. Took firefighters about thirty minutes to get it under control, three civilians one firefighter had to be treated no word on the cause. They're either wins. News time, eight forty four sports coming up. When it comes to taking care of your family and keeping up.

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