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You make your way down from 6 75 and 75 North bound still jammed up from before Georgia 16 continue to use 40 to 1, 55 or 1941. I'll have more minutes. I'm Veronica around 95.5 Gs B. Thank you, Veronica. Right now. On Peachtree Street. We have a 60 Degrees and Ocean Springs, Mississippi Man is in the fight for his life after a stroke that his family says happened just days. After he received the one dough shot of the Johnson and Johnson Coronavirus bat vaccine. Brad Millar. Gery has no function in his left side, and his aunt Chelsea says that the vaccine was the on Lee difference in his routine. She has a message for the CDC here in Atlanta. Mr felt she if you're listening Please make the best decision. Based on the history of Johnson and Johnson's trial before you put it back on the market, and we have learned this morning that the advisory committee on immunizations will meet again a week from today to discuss that vaccine. The state has paused the use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over a possible link to a rare blood clotting disorder. State health commissioner, Dr Kathleen to be saying. There is plenty of the other two vaccines to go around either Madonna or Fizer, both requiring two shots or tornado takes out their baseball field. So the Atlanta Braves step up and offers truest park to the Newman Cougars, and they take on the North Cobb. Christian Eagles tomorrow for these kids is born man that grew up Brady's fan. They have Had a Tomahawk and then the chop all their life, So I'm excited for our kids. The Cougars character coach Brian Moore says that the team gets to use to US Park against Wednesday for a senior night against Pebble Brooke and Democrat turned Republican Vernon Jones, announcing that he will run for governor taking on Governor Brian Camp in 2022 Jones called Georges presidential election. Fixed Wst News, Tommy 11 33. This news update is brought to you by Georgia United Credit Union Breaking news first and accurate at the top and bottom of every hour every day. 95.5 wsb Atlantis news and talk Me Me, Me, Me, Me, but also you, the Pharaoh of has forwards his favorite porn film it but the powdered doughnut. Mm. Okay. What's my line Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool.

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