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And i don't want to be the host that just on and on people know i've spoken about mark fisher here before in the show explained that big so i don't have to recall mandate to me but the essence of the vampire castle the rest of it was the vampire castle essay by mark. Fisher comes out of this moment. Where russell brand the british comedian was Being at the contemporary phrase counseled are in the process of being canceled for taking up a position. Which which actually i think mark fisher was very much and respectful of and if hesitatingly in agreement with which is russell brand saying. Look as a real problem. Here we're being asked to vote for a shit sandwich and You know he's like why would you vote to legitimize Effectively of a false choice and The it wasn't especially controversial. What russell brand was saying. It was more the fact that it was russell brand that was saying it and people were kind of Normies to use the phrase. Were really jumping on board and sharing a clip the famous clip with him. Jeremy paxman being interviewed him. Jeremy paxman of the bbc interview russell brand and russell bond being very idiosyncratic and funny in the process and I.

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