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High of 63 You now know where not to go? I'm Debbie Do him with Joe Piscopo am 9 70. The answer sponsored by Cheesecake Factory. This message is sponsored by the Cheesecake Factory now through cyber Monday for every $25 gift card purchased at the cheesecake factory dot com. You'll receive two free slices of cheese cake redeemable in the new year. Visit the cheesecake factory dot com for more details. Hey, Jo, on the radio, telling about balance of nature, Remember the best defense against any viruses, your own immune system. They told me that for years you gotta take antioxidants. Whether antioxidants There's a little things in fruits and vegetables that fight the free radicals in your body. Simple is that and balance of nature is 100% whole food plants, fruits and vegetables in a vegetarian capsule with tens of thousands of vital nutrients from 100% whole food plants, fruits and vegetables. And when I tell you a daily dose of balance of nature, how many times I tell you this Right there. It has 10 servings of 31 different fruits and vegetables. You will never eat that much. I had the broccoli Rob my brother Richie. God bless him. He under my mom's direction, right? She's going. All right. Put this in Mike, and they made me the broccoli Rob. Richie, maybe the brother in Nebraska and eat the broccoli right? But he still took my balance in nature. I did You know, the broccoli Rob is to me. It's like Italian penicillin. It's it really is. It's great and it's a little bitter, but it's an acquired taste. But it's such a good antioxidant. But I still took the bounce of nature. And now now you can get free shipping 35% off any new prefer daughter about the nature. You can have your own private health coach, courtesy of the Howard family with balance of nature. He just got a call. Please 802 4687 51. I know you hear me Talk about it Great Christmas present. 802 4687 51 balance of nature. Please go to balance of nature dot com and make sure to receive the special radio offer by using the discount code. The answer. I'm.

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