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Totally fine with this guy he's totally legit me and him talked iced I texted back for them for an hour yesterday about boxing and everything in the sun so we're good he's a he's either the the greatest con man of all time or he's a good dude because he was sending me pictures of his kid and him on vacation and all sorts of stuff so I think it's I think it's all good I mean I you know I feel like I'm defending Allen Jerry all the time now but S. I feel like this is my role here like it wasn't Jerry's fault that he got up and left it was my fault because I forgot that he's going to do the update that second segment owls totally normal he's just been fine since getting the hour there's nothing about al that is changed I mean these guys could defend themselves but I feel like if I can add to the their voice it does help out but I mean it you know you think okay what is al not doing bomber and and Maury for that matter that is is making you feel like this hours sucking the life out of him I think he's been totally normal and totally out Moore is a guy by the way which I have on my own band from the show for years he's only getting in now because I'm not answering the call and very because he's one of these guys who and this is like the evolution of what happens with callers like let's say a guy called anymore is not a terrible caller but he's got the same shtick over and over again so he calls any does this stick the next day I see he's ringing the phone again I might go and I you know I'm not going to pick up more he called yesterday did he stick I gotta give it a day's rest a couple days of rest and then I'll see calls for four hours down like now he's in cycle path to may so the next day starts calling again now I'm never picking you up again and that's what happens to some of these guys like they're a good caller but they go to the the same shtick too many times so I tried to give it a rest and then I see what how much of a lunatic they are that they call four hours a day for thirty days straight I can never then pick them up again because I can't mentally than say this person's okayed a call and more he's one of those guys so basically you're what you're saying is that he's doing a horrendous job in in regards to the and he doesn't know these things the guy and he is always learning after after years of not screening and he has to re learn some of the tricks and skills and sometimes when I'm like outside I'm trying to be like an octopus over here and I you know I just reach and I pick up some times before a I read the name and and things that I sometimes that and you'll say to me there's a Mike from Bellevue collie and the hood is he call out because of a guy like who doesn't whose whose calls for hours a day every day and ideals you know him what's this guy's story Morry by the way that's a fake name he uses multiple names when he calls he's one of those guys to on the radio really hi there I didn't know that I heard the dog being thing and I was okay with the Athens thanks now it's just take it back to something I did jarred my memory with this poll would any used to do to me when I would produce and I was waiting on a gas that was late he used to ring the hotline from his little office in Astoria and then when I would pick it up he would say was it not whoever wants let's just say for example like it was but was Bobby Valentine I was waiting for a ride and I'm stressing out because like Joe we cannot storm response that Bobby we're gonna I. I. G. told me Bobby was going to be there but I don't know where he is G. USY what do you want to really six feet away from you and yet little closet I was exactly so that anyone have a phone and I'm just stressing out I'm staring at the phone I'm just waiting on this show is just going to shambles he would ring the hotline and I pick it up same control and if you go I'm not Bobby Valentine the worst lean back my tears I could wave to you stupid Greta yours omit mandate was to especially when you had a hose that was bad installing that was that was the thing that was you told me is going to be on so what happened here he told me is going to be here at ten eleven all five he's not here so what do you do what you want to do now I'll just keep talking about the guest is in here yeah there's a few hosts who fall into that category summers Mike yeah I hope haven't flashbacks okay boomer geo on the fan and CBS sports network we're gonna get a full Jerry Recco update that I'm not going to forget about coming up next the first one to tell you that there's a new way of coming to supply energy to your home or business sun wave gas and power the tristate energy supplier reliably power in your homes.

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