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Work of translating like that daniel tiger was his kind of surrogate voice and daniel spoke for him a lot of the time i appreciated the fact that there's some moment in this film where somebody refers to fred rogers eccentricities and i thought it's good to embrace that some of these things seem eccentric yeah it's odd and i do like the way we have his wife and his children kind of acknowledging some of these things because it didn't make me feel like oh he's got a super secret dark side at it made me feel like here's someone who's figured out ways to act these things out and to deal with them in a way that are odd and eccentric but that how it people help people don't hurt other people because most of us take our traumas on other people and that's the thing was that okay so he's gone down a really strange path with it but even then they really don't have much to say that it's darker than yeah he would express himself that way and they're like well that's weird but it's not hurting anyone right exactly i hope that all of you eventually will get a chance to see this film it is playing in some places it's not playing in your city yet hang out it will it'll show up and you can tell us what you think about it find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash pch or tweet us at p c h h that brings us to the end of our show you can follow daisy at the best handle on twitter run d m are and thanks to you guys all for being here thank you thanks and thanks to you for listening we'll be back here on friday and if you have a second in your so inclined please give us review.

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