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The euro award at this twenty ninth annual breakfast here at beautiful Cobo center in the mayor sitting across from me, we already spoke to him here. And you heard him I have been saying all morning long. This is an especially good award. And especially sweet moment for you. Because this is the Edward h McNamara Goodfellow of the euro award, and you are protege. He was your mentor for many years, you were a young man when he kind of took you under his wing and taught you a lot. Now, he made me deputy county executive when I was twenty eight years old. And I was in the room when he came up with the idea for this breakfast, the goodfellas were huge part of his life, and he and Coleman young first year co-hosted. And when you listen to the two of them, the sixties or seventies. At that point talk about when the police officer showed up at their door with toys and the way their eyes would light up sixty years later. It's remarkable. How important this initiative is we never roll out the kids, but we have lots of kids that are adults here. Now who readily admit that that was the only prison they got for Christmas that year. Yeah. And Ernie Lofton, great UAW. Vice president was one of the leaders every year. He would say it was the one day of the year. We're happy to see the police at the door. You had you had a whole bunch of folks with very different backgrounds. We're all United by that same experience of the goodfellas gifts at Christmas. Yeah. You had a very special happening last night where everyone's United in the neighborhood. You went right to the people who would be affected by things in the people spoke with one voice. It was remarkable. Of course, we're talking about the Ford project at the train station in council president Brenda Jones. Had initiated something to the voters ultimately adopted, which is called the community benefits ordinance where the only city in America that has one and what it says is when you have a major project before the tax breaks are considered by council, you meet with the neighbors to see what they want because they're going to be most effective. And so you have a neighborhood committee of nine people a few pointed by me a few appointment of counsel. And if you elected by the neighbors themselves, and they held a dozen meetings where they talked about what are we want? Let's preserve our parks base. Let's preserve our low income housing. So people aren't pushed out, let's make sure Detroiters are trained for jobs, and after a dozen meetings last night, they voted nine zero. You mentioned this. When was the last time think of your your own neighborhood was the last time you had your neighbors all totally agree. But right, right at at this is the way the process was designed which you had some people who said open spaces, the most important thing to me others who said, hey, these are going to be technology jobs. We need to put some more money in the Detroit public schools. So our children can get the kind of science training others said I don't want. My neighbor who's renting at a relatively low rate to be pushed out and Ford and the city addressed all those issues the satisfaction of all nine members. And that's the way it should happen. We'll bring in five thousand jobs and seven hundred fifty million dollars investment into a neighborhood with the neighborhood leaders are unanimously saying we wanted, and I just my hat's off to Brenda Jones and the process that she initiated, but we're proving this can work. Well, you know over the years I've introduced you to then introduce and give the award to the recipient this year. Introduce Brenda Jones who will then give you the the award. Yeah. And you know, I think about, you know, the days when I sit there the day is is pretty young beheaded watched Ed McNamara. Coleman young. And so there's lines that came on guy. What Brandon are not nearly as funny as the no question about it. Nearly as funny as those those two and Brooks Patterson, I think probably politicians I've what lighters. You know, we're at a class by themselves. So it probably won't be funny. But it'll be just a special, and and you know, Brooks is the only one left. He's the only one left standing, and it's tough for bricks because the things that those guys said back then that were funny people don't laugh at as much anymore. It's kinda sad. We'll also stuff that is funny. As it used to be. You two aspects of that. I'm just saying that, you know, generational. The things that used to be okay and used to be funny are not anymore. I mean, you'll give me that. There's no question that, you know, with all the social media, and the the immediate reaction to everything that said that's just the reality that we live with. But you can complain about it or you can you could do better move with it. I try really hard not to say things that would cause somebody inadvertently to be bothered by anything else going on. We should know about Mr Mayor before we let you go and get up on the diocese. No. I'm very excited to come and get this award and go right back to work. It is extra special. Isn't it? Ed McNamara award. It definitely definitely is it brings back a lot of memories. And you know, we still last two nights ago. We're watching the Detroit Lions beat the patriots and Ford field that was built never would build. Ed McMahon had been county executive. And so you think about the impact that he still has. Of course, every time you fly in and out of metro airport. There's a terminal wouldn't be there if it weren't for McNamara. And and this is a nice reminder naming the award the goodfellas award after what are you going to do with the award? Where are you going to put it had a Cup with my picture on it before I kind of walk yet? So it's nice all with where they become the the Goodfellow of the year. There's a coffee Cup waiting on every table. And it does. In fact, have the recipient in this case mayor Mike Duggan face on that. It's funny. There was a little disorienting committed. But now we gotta spot in the shelf at the Manoukian for it. And it'll it'll be a welcome addition. Congratulations to you and to Laurie and the old news boys Goodfellow fund of Detroit, presenting our city of Detroit mayor Mike Duggan with the Edward h McNamara Goodfellow of the year award if this twenty ninth annual tribute breakfast that Mike Duggan Hispanic from and supportive of from the beginning. Congratulations. I'll see up there. All right. 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