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Normally, you know, I don't like trailers that kind of truncated the whole movie and give you all the good parts, you know. But in this movie, there are so many surprises that leak in that one that I'm not really a priest dense. Okay, nobody is what they see me as one. How does it make you feel Jeff when you hear people like Jon Hamm in other members of your casts? Say, when I heard Jeff was involved, I was what does that mean to you? That means a lot. This wonderful. You know that you know, that's the most fun part of the biz is the people that you get to work with, you know, and this film is just chalk filled with wonderful actors. You know, it's, that's the joy of it plan with the guys bit movie, as we said, has a look to it. It has a feeling I'd say from the opening scene. A lot in the sign and the place, and it's how do you describe the atmosphere. Well. You know, every once in a while, I'll see a movie that just kind of shakes my whole idea of what a movie is, you know, like two thousand one. Do you remember seeing that. Still gonna wonder. It was just wonderful experience being there, you know. And I think like blue velvet was another movie like that's my care Tito's early nervy Zhou. And this one is kind of like that. The director and the writer drew Goddard. He, he has a certain kind of a style in a rhythm that the audience you the sooner you get hip to what he's doing and get with his rhythm. I think the more enjoyable the film is, but if it is an actor, it was wonderful. One of the things that's unusual about the film in the shooting of it is that we had long scenes that would go on for, you know, Ken minutes sometimes almost like a play, and that was wonderful as an actor and then you know, to get all that coordinated with the with shameless our our DP cinematographer and hitting all the spots. And it's like pulling. Off a magic trick. We were talking about Cynthia Ravina oh yeah. Who's extrordinary in the film revolt sees me and who I believe is the first character that father Flynn interacts with in the movie. Yeah. Tell people about her as a performer. Well, she's, she's really going to just explode this year. She's got two or three movies coming out right alongside ours and what an instrument, what a voice, one of the other great aspects of this movie that I love so much is the music and we're talking all of my favorite stuff. Motown nineteen sixty nine. That's when the movie takes place. Wonderful music around that time and Cynthia sings at all all through the movie. And we were lucky enough just to be around for take one take to hear her say, and then she was gracious enough to be a, you know, a living jukebox..

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