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Hour. Minimum wage. And abolishing ice. Could could you get any more radical than that? So yeah. Absolute extremists absolute radicals pay for a pet. I'm puzzled by the people who say, well, how are you gonna pay for it? You just do pay for us pay for it. What you know among millennials? We we've think, wow, we're the world's going to end twelve years of you don't just pay for it. So just pay for it. It's a matter with you. Tom Steiner is one of these people who is expected to announce his candidacy and the only thing in in all of the above socialism. He doesn't want is the right to a job. He actually said I want the private sector to produce jobs. People can live on a guarantee of government jobs doesn't make sense. He's four everything else. He's four universal healthcare and free college. But but not the guarantee of jobs, just how absolutely amazing what is he running on the Republican party? So well, then he turned around because he realizes how extreme these positions are any said, the Republicans are the ones who are an extremist far right radical party when you say we need to moderate to their position. There's nothing moderate or pragmatic about it. Give me an example of something. That's even close to his extreme as you people are, it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three let me tell you about Cosmo hurts kids campaign. This is something you probably know by now, Victoria, Hearst launched even though her family, the Hearst corporation, publishes, cosmopolitan magazine. But since she believes pornography is harmful to kids and Cosmo contains pornography. She thinks that states material harmful to minor laws should be applied to it. So then they wouldn't be able to read about five raw real sex positions for a one night stand. Alrighty, then good gully. So if that's not porn. I don't I don't know. What is they don't, you know, the the campaign isn't tried to drive Cosmo out of business Rivas, sensitive or stupid magazine? They just want kids under eighteen not not to purchase it. It's pretty reasonable. It's certainly not an extremist stand. But we we should get to Tom steiger's opinion on that just to make sure anyway, Victoria believes we all need to take a stand against pornography being sold kids under eighteen if if you agree visit Cosmo hurts kids dot com right now. Visit Cosmo hurts kids dot com..

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