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There's an dimension in reality but from this perspective it's a power locks as both right. It's an incident vented but because invented by a mind that arises out of the universe. It's a discovering to discovery of the universe did see universe covering itself. So that's incredible that means that we're gaining insight into the very nature of reality we get the we get the That's very incredible position to have to be able to for this is you've talked before about Ura take on can't oh yeah and my understanding of can't is basically you know categories in you like the blind men or thing. Your brain has categorised filters information and as a result you can never really know what is you can only know what appears to be But that would appears to be funneled through these your brain circuitry Neuro neurologists neurobiologist. I think would say similar things about perception about nerve endings and how they all connect and all this stuff but it's that Can you trust that. What is that this. Life is actually real that there is stuff around you and then my understanding is that most people would read canton go. He's actually saying no you you can't. It's that sort of like Shadows the platonic. Plato thing where you're chained in the cave and you see shadows on the wall and you think that's what's actually going on. And if you were to turn around behind you would see that. It's just puppets horses or whatever. It's not what you think it is reality is not what you think. It is And so but you're saying because of that because those categories because those perceptions are result of the outside world. You can have some inkling as to the fact that this is. This is reality in some degree. This is in some way reality. But yeah but you're you're right obsolete because compton go there count on the Split the world into the phenomenal. Which is yeah what we can do our senses. Three our intuition which is our sensory experience on three our rational transcendental categories and then there is the new middle and the new middle is the in itself on. We don't have any access to that. And yes when we talked before on an episode. That never went. I i was kind of yes so good at those. Yeah that was a good one too. We're actually prolific podcast. Yeah we do three times a week just for us but yeah i was. We were talking about an. I was saying i will count does want to grind a certain knowledge what he calls Synthetic a priority knowledge but it is different from the new middle. So you're absolutely right. So what he does is he says that count because count creates these things called the intimidates the intimidates of reason where says like a real word picked up worth. Yeah yeah it's were the antenna me. An antenna me is basically a contradiction. And he said you can't do one on he list lewd to them. One of them is did the universe start or is it eternal Was are we free or is everything determined Is there a god or new godse. there's ease intimidates. And he says reason you can be very you can be completely reasonable and go to either direction on. That was his way of saying so. There's some problem with reason on. So he wants understand they not re- reason kinda gets us to these limits higl than turns ryan says these limits are not an appeal impediment and pats to our knowledge of the universe. These are the universe itself in other words. The universe house on within so with visit the move from classical physics to to modern physics you know were in modern physics. Shehab the idea of a kind of quantum also mission within reality. That's what he was saying. The seventeen hundreds is that that the count go right com hub insight into reality constant realize continent realize that the faki said is when i try and use my reason completely consistently i hit a kind of antagonism and then he says yes. That's an insight into the nature of reality paradox. Parks is kind of paradox or power locks relaxes the word yep parallel both at the same time yet depending on. Yeah your position. Uta thinks shift in relation to your position but level. That stuff man. I was such a sucker for that. Von quantum physics emergence chaos doc. So cool that stuff is so cool and hegel was saying is literally in the seventeen hundred. He is the basis of a lot of modern thought. Even even when people haven't read them you know. Well let's let's distill this for a second because that's a lot of In case you're new to the podcast could see But the can't why is this stuff Important just go real garage doors because we're talking about the idea of meaning and we're talking about whether or not Meaning exists so to to. Just summarize the best i can. The reason can't is important is because he Essentially why would be important. I know he's import. Yeah how would you say a sentence that can't ym. Yes why is he. Still in the same way like descartes and all that is super influential like our the way we think as result of like six people. Yes yeah exactly the figures that are incredible rogues gallery. It's the suicide squad of dorks. We have to talk about that as well. He watched it. The other night really enjoyed phone right. Yeah yeah way better than the first one. Yeah yeah yes absolutely yes. Count wise counsel important. I mean he is so vitally important. Because it's funny because he eagled kind of reverses it again but what condos is he kind of help us understand what we can and count new and he helps us understand why we filter reality and he helps us to see what questions are meaningless. As in questions that are that are that can't be answered. He's a he's a critique of traditional metaphysics and he's a real he's the finer of science is the finder really of the scientific method. In some ways yeah kind. Yeah i mean his thinking is is he. He really wanted to give science a foundation beyond just probability right. He didn't think science. Just we see something happening a hundred times but it still doesn't mean it's going to happen one hundred and one time if he will to see him temperature authorities. Times doesn't mean you never know. Yeah just know the probability. Yeah so never say what's going to happen exactly..

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