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Your dream job. You that's not the time to take your foot off the gas. That's the time to actually do the job. Lonzo's game is is somewhat a little bit dependent on the roster around him as well he yes, you want him to make his teammates better. But he's also going to kinda shine when basically guys are making shots, and he's kind of in the groove. But there are things that get him jump started. Like number one. When I look at Lonzo statistics or we just watching his game. I need to see him hit the glass when he hits the glass. Now, he gets the ball the ball's in his hands. We complain a little bit too much this whole narrative entering the season. Where people were like, oh, how is it going to work? Lebron dominates the ball. So as long as Lonzo does not dominate the ball. On fact, Lonzo need the ball in his hands more. He gets rid of it too fast because a hot potato. But when he grabs a ribbon on off the glass, and now he's looking to push. That's when he's engaged when he picks up guys full court ends defending them. That's when he's engaged. And then all of a sudden everything starts to flow there. That's what I like seeing aggressive. Lonzo ball. We don't see Lonzo ball enough where he's like basically probing driving to the lane and then kicking out and finding open teammates and things like that. Sometimes the ball gets to stagnant. And all of a sudden, I think Lonzo gets lost. I understand where Stephen as coming from. Because like you, and I we grew up in the nineties like I said, I was used to saying like if somebody was in front of Jason Kidd at or like, Gary Payton, they would want to murder that other point guard research joins us show. Ben lines phone in Donohoe ESPN LA James Davis coming up at four o'clock. But you gave me another reason why you can't compare Lonzo to Jason Kidd. You said it's roster dependent with Lonzo where he needs the right players around him. Him Jason Kidd Kerry Kittles to the finals, Jason Kidd was playing with Keith Van horn, those guys those guys were offensively pretty good. They just wanted to stay health. But also, Jason Kidd like you said had that not I wanna say it's Mamba mentality. More of a killer mentality. And also the mentality of I'm the best player on the floor. That's really what it is that coming down to the screaming and yelling and being emotional and trash talking and smiling and screaming, Kevin Garnett. The idea of this happened the other night when I went to the game and watch the Lakers when they didn't have LeBron they didn't ever Ondo, they didn't have Kuzina. So what are we gonna do? Just going to sit back and say, well, these games don't cow or we gonna look at them as teaching moments for Lonzo and Brandon Ingram and the young players to find their way. So that maybe this'll be an opportunity for Lonzo to say, I'm the best player on the floor. And he hasn't done that. He hasn't done that consistently in this time when LeBron's banal I talked to somebody from his camp the other day, and I said, hey, what's going on like? Lonzo's assist numbers have been down a little bit. And they were like, well he doesn't have the ball in his hands enough. I was like well. Yeah. When LeBron was healthy. Now when he's not healthy, you still kind of need him to have the ball little bit more his hands. But I understand when Brandon Ingram has to get going..

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