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With the mini game. All right. Eight thirty seven I saw the other day. And I just you know, you really have to see it pre sheet it there's video that's gone viral of an eight year old gore, girl, impersonating socialist, sandy cosmic retest. And it's gone the hilariously. I whoever did this a mocking the the twenty nine year old and her far left policies the girl identified by Fox News as Eva Martinez. Mocking Cossio Cortez's unrefined linguistic skills, specifically her repeated use the word like and her ninety three billion dollar green do deal. Here is eight year old Eva Martinez. Mocking and spoofing, socialists. Sandy. KFC? I wanna talk about a team because like there's no doubt cow making change. Ninety six degrees. And in February. Thirty six degrees. Like that a huge change in the credit only. Lake this rate the world is gonna end ineffective flow years. And like I'm twenty nine years old now the so the world will be over when I only. Thirty. Right. About because socialism is so amazing like socialism and actually short for social media. Did you know that like I? Maybe I saw a socialist at three of the most accessible countries I saw two but Israeli Facebook and Twitter all very successful socialist countries, I offense to America from Facebook by that is just precious really cheap has their hair done like social you wear glasses the lipstick eight years old Eva Martinez. I understand. You can see it on wcbMcom. Is that right? Nino Mangione delegate Mangione. Hey, good morning. Yes. I I have to call it. I watched it on Friday. I watch our again on our WC van Facebook page that little girl she should when the author priceless, and she's spot on would you like to see the bait between Cossio Cortez, Dr ballsy Ford and that eight year old. Yeah. No, not the eight year old, but the the real Cossio Cortez, and Dr ballsy four Catholic I think that we should reach out to them. And we should have a debate a form. Between Cossio Cortes and Hank Johnson. Blom reach the tipping point. I think those would be fascinating for. I heard earlier out Bernie Sanders. I just thought it was just amazing. I have a comment one guy who wants to cancel out your vote wants to cancel out, my vote and the hard work and honest decent in American with felons, and rapists and terrorists. That's the democrat party. That's the vision. Ferdie Sanders taking up if he gets elected. And I I mean, I'm what do I just predict he's probably the favorite heaven as from what do they call creepy? Joe when crazy Bernie Bernie eskimo, Joe, we have a lot of names for and I mean that clip I'm sure we'll have that on our website later. But I just it was shocking to hear a presidential candidate fighting for the votes of terrorists. And right in case people inherit I mean, this is the the Bernie Sanders who's right now neck and neck with with Biden for the democrat presidential nomination suggesting it's okay to let even the terrorist, bro. The one that killed and. Maimed hundreds at the Boston marathon token, even though while he's in jail. Let them vote the same terrorists who put a bomb in front of an eight year old kit. It just it's amazing that this is how desperate they have become how far out of the mainstream people like Bernie Sanders and others in the democrat party really are and Jess yesterday Melissa Warren talking about relieving all that student student that in the billions, so let's see they have what another year. Let's see how far they continue the push while let you guys go. I'll I'll see right if I just wanted to chime, and I could not believe already Sanders comments that also Campbell Harris. It's time to have that conversation. She couldn't say no, Bernie, right? I think the Democrats are going to be in a position where they have to out left each other. Exactly. That's what I'm we have on the year of it. Yeah. So on hoping that it continues. Trump on these other candidates is not going to let it go Mitt Romney. He would have let that go. But Donald Trump. He's gonna hammer. Unfortunately, Willard chase Herman Cain right off the Federal Reserve Board. That's what we can. We can blame Willard for that. Yeah. Guys. I totally get Nina Mangione. Thanks for joining us. Here this morning. Always a pleasure. We'll see him in a couple of minutes as he's on his way into work. So if you just missed it, we talk of a number of east point mall. They've they've canceled the carnival after the Easter arrests, and you got Republican Todd Crandall will reach out to the councilman as if he wants to come on in the next couple of days and explain his comments where he said, and I quote again regarding the folks were overwhelmed at east point mall, but the councilman wanna make sure we quote him accurately here just a second. Basically, you know, we're talking about councilman Todd Granholm, right? And he said, you know, it's he's blaming what happened in east point at the point mall one teenagers youths coming done doll running while committing crime or causing chaos. Right. And then that provoked Baltimore. City councilman Z to say that his chronicles comments was a it was dog. Whistle racism. We we talked about earlier this morning. How the fact of the facts are the facts, and you can't change them massage them the way you want. There is a repeated incidents at east point white Marsh Charleston town cetera, but guy Crandall anti quote, the county's under siege by people who live or work here have no idea how to act in a civil society all of the work being done to strengthen improve our community is being undermined by city residents who some think it's okay to run wild intimidate drivers at intersections squeegee kids reference and come to our community to nothing more than commit crime or cause chaos and of quality also called on county executive Johnny oh to take action to get control the situation and is to end the siege. On our peace and prosperity. Is. We can be the community we deserve to be and of quote in that prompted as you said Frank colon. Call a dog, whistle racism and again. It's not racism when you're pointing out the facts, the facts are now one thing we don't know out of the twenty six juvenile arrests. We don't know how many of them actually reside in the city or reside. In the county. We don't know that yet. So we may not we may not may not release it because juvenile records are are protected from media coverage and from the public it's eight forty four times WBZ, traffic.

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