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Eight hundred six zero five sixteen fifty three the low to the Trump administration a federal judge blocking Medicaid work requirements and Arkansas Kentucky, the judge finding the requirements pose numerous obstacles to getting healthcare that haven't been adequately addressed by federal and state officials President Trump awarding the medal of honor to army staff sergeant Travis Atkins who was killed in Iraq in two thousand seven when he was pinned down by a suicide bomber in his final moments on earth. Travis did not run. He didn't know what it was to run. He did not hesitate. He rose to the highest calling Atkins initially received the distinguished service cross for his actions. But the defense department upgraded his war to the medal of honor. After a review the Trump administration pushes to have the Affordable Healthcare Act struck down as the president tells Republicans to come up with their own plan heading into next year's election. It's the supreme court finds ObamaCare unconstitutional. Millions of Americans will be looking at congress to address the issue, South Carolina, Republican Senator Tim Scott was asked on FOX and friends about President Trump pledging the GOP will soon be known as the party of healthcare in order for us to be competitive in the twenty twenty election cycle. I think he has a very solid point. But it will require us to take on the issue of health care, West Virginia Democrat, Senator Joe Manchin says congress should be focused on fixing ObamaCare. This is the people's life and death. This is healthcare. On Capitol Hill. Mike Emanuel, Fox News. Major league baseball says it hopes to gain control of local broadcasting agreements..

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