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Particular meeting in trump tower is that no point komi writes does the president or any of his advisers around him when presented with information with with proof with a russian interference election at no point do they say well how did this happen and how can we stop it from happening again phil rucker you point out as jonathan just did the instances of trolling in this book it gets detailed it gets personal i've heard some folks on television tonight already say that it may take away from the haft and the seriousness of the book that komi can't help himself but get into that do you think trump can avoid reacting to this book i think we're going to see a reaction at some point whether it's later tonight or do you know six o'clock in the morning or later on the weekend but i don't think the president's going to be able to restrain himself from commenting on on what he seeing on television tonight about this book in terms of the trolling it's interesting there are chapters in this book that had nothing to do with trump extensively it's a memoir it's the story of jim commes life and yet you're reading it and you think about trump and i think that's by design there's a whole chapter about how komi was bullied in elementary school and high school thrown against the locker teased beaten up mocked by his classmates and he gets into the psychology of the bully he also ruminates on the psychology of the liars why people lie how when they tell small lies they then tell big lies they encircle themselves with fellow liars and it creates a whole culture of life around lying and i think that's a very deliberate move by komi to try to paint a portrait of this president's as frankly unethical and unfit to hold this office joyce fans while i'm holding it in my hand and while high of skimmed it in great haste tonight because it came to us late in the day you and i are the two in this conversation who haven't read it so based on what you have read press reports from these two.

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