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Other morning crying unconditionally and he hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm in my fifties. And I've only cried four times in the last thirty years, the person my son of my father, the death of my mother and now Bill the funeral for Clermont county sheriff detective Bill brewer is being held today here today don't put on your cop face and try to be strong. You don't wanna look weak because you don't wanna look weak and cry for God's sake. Don't take your loved ones for granted don't mumble back when someone tells you they love you sheriff, Robert ley and urged a law enforcement officers to band closer together today for support broiler was shot and killed last Saturday in Clermont county acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker says defying before the House Judiciary committee this afternoon on special counsels in on the special counsel. Investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election time as leader of the department of Justice department has complied with a special counsel regulations. And there has been no change in how the departments work with the special counsel's office House Judiciary committee, chairman Representative Jerrold Nadler, wasted no time pressing acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker about his communications with the White House regarding the Robert Mueller investigation. I do not intend today to talk about my private conversations with the president White House officials, but I will tell you consistent. With would have already said, I have not talked about the special counsel investigation with senior White House. Whitaker refused to answer any questions about the briefings themselves beyond just saying that he has been briefed on the investigation. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, Capitol Hill. Also today, there is word that congressional negotiators may be making some progress in their talks to avert another partial government shutdown. Democrats seem willing to provide more funding for fencing along. On the border while Republicans are conceding that they are not going to get that full five point seven billion dollars that the president has been demanding to build his border wall. But the question remains whether the president can get on board. And of course, he hasn't ruled out the possibility still declaring a national emergency. That's ABC's Mary, Bruce. The US supreme court today is blocking Louisiana from enacting a law. That would have required abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Pro-choice proponents say it would have left only one doctor in the entire state who could legally provide abortions the five to four ruling from the supreme court puts the law on hold while it is challenged in lower courts. A Florida caregiver is behind bars for impregnating, a mentally disabled woman the county sheriff's office as fifty eight year old willy shorter worked at the woods. Mir estates group home in rock ledge where police say he assaulted a woman who had the mental capacity of a small child. Wells Fargo is hoping to provide their customers with. Better experience today after they suffered from a nationwide outage yesterday ATM's were off line as well as the mobile banking system. Wells Fargo has been extremely limited in what it said about. It's computer problems only saying it had to shut down power at one of its locations because smoke was detected. That location was reportedly a building housing the banks servers now Wells Fargo says online and mobile banking, ATM's and most other services are back up and running. But that some customers may have to deal with issues as a company recovers. The company has also offered an apology to their affected customers for your ABC six. I warning weather powered by the basement doctor very cold today. Temperatures in the mid twenties. I'm Alison why answered the Rush Limbaugh show continues next. You get a raise at year. Right. And how can you afford to drive that huge car? I mean, the gas on that baby must be crazy pay less for gas in everyone else..

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