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Four 38 welcome in I think the weather on the 8s Carlos Ramirez is with us in the WTO PE traffic center Thanks dean good morning Let's start off in the district Thank you so much to the listener for giving us some info on this one if you are headed inbound on the suitland Parkway They do have a work zone out there blocking the right hand side of the roadway basically right between first Sterling avenue and over towards two 95 sounds like because of this work zone you actually can access two 95 So keep that in mind you're going to have to continue on to south capital street So if you're trying to get on to two 95 you may need to opt for a different route there Now I am deducing here that if you are headed north bed on two 95 this works on the sealant Parkway has something to do with the northbound work zone on two 95 That one's been there all night long since from about Malcolm X avenue all the way up towards the 11th street bridge should only have a single lane getting by there Again all these work zones are more than likely connected to some degree Southeast southwest freeway looks all right route 50 is quiet and if you're on the outer loop of the beltway topside no issues from I 95 over towards two 70 I 95 and the BW Parkway look good Back down in Virginia 66 the only work zone that seems to be left over are the ones that are out near the two 34s That's right two 34s plural That's suddenly rode down the Prince William Parkway of course If you're headed on the eastbound side looks like you still have them along the left hand side of the roadway So just go ahead and stay right Thankfully no delays just yet so you should be just fine Also while we're out in that area headed through manassas 29 is still dealing with the work crew It's that they should be clearing them out around 5 a.m. so hopefully these delays that we're seeing on 29 headed eastbound start to clear up the work crew themselves Are there near the pleasant valley road intersection Blocking the left hand side Survey says play family feud scratch offs from the Maryland lottery for a chance to win up to $50,000 instantly or a great second chance cash prizes Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Lots to read out there on this Wednesday with gossip to 30 even 40 miles an hour and plenty of sun We'll have highs in the mid 50s to low 60s so a chill in the air and it's cold tonight.

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