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Offered guidance on moving ahead with the junior livestock auction please know that our livestock team is working on that diligently organizer's cancel for yesterday over concerns about the pandemic Chris and Carla okay fine news and the Dodgers have posted a new message from former announcer vin Scully Scully says he's happy to be home after five days in the hospital and I also would like to thank all of you for your good wishes and prayers after I had my head first sliding accident in case you care I was called out of the Scully also had a message of thanks recovered nineteen first responders and a note of a note for hopeful baseball fans and remember sooner or later you're gonna hear it it'll be time for Dodger baseball let's take a look at a crash on the one St south LA on the what has happened just after century it's a wreck that involved the bus they've been able to get it over the right shoulder sing some slowing though coming away from Manchester on Europe's southbound drive in Anaheim hills ninety one west of gypsum canyon has still truck there for a very long time it's moved to the right shoulder but it's making a drive in the ninety one westbound pretty heavy from Lincoln okay fine this guy's sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff thought is so I can give you some drive on some of the ten there you go separately freeway actually it's a good record to yeah after rob and I are texting each other for location so that's what that's all about but it's pretty good report really up on the six oh five all the way towards the S. seven ten and while I was sitting at the Boyle heights in the I. five all as well as a problem that we're going back on right now levy the selling change up to the west the itself it's been reopened this Santa Fe on ramp is open now was shut down but because of that there was a lot of police activity it was really a lot of slowing coming out of the cell and change going to the west and we're coming up over Sampedro right now and yes see things seem to be moving out to the west we'll go out to west LA check the whole thing for you don't go away aged accident visit super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bokeh and find this guy you might want to take the ten instead of the sixteen through Ontario the sixties found out before vineyard only the right lanes open so your drive jams up at central and the west bound side that sixty is the heavy from the fifteenth KFI in the sky help get you there faster I'm robin thanks your your Dodger games every weeknight at seven one AM five seventy LA sports.

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