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Kate guy. Go on the case of a young girl gunned down in her driveway. There are new developments in the case as you heard live on KTAR the twenty year old man police believe shot and killed her as been taken into custody. KTAR's Ali vetnar is live from Phoenix police headquarters with the details. That's right, Bob. Phoenix police confirming twenty real Joshua Gonzales has been arrested in connection to the murder of ten year olds summer melody, bell Brown. She's the girl who was shot and killed in her driveway near thirty ninth avenue and Roosevelt after an apparent road rage incident where her dad cut off the suspect in traffic. So it was critical information from a tip that led us to this person of interest. Where we discover the truck the residents the search warrant discovered the the inside the home and everything else totality of that. In this occasion, gave us probable cause to arrest identify. Josh Gonzales, Phoenix police sergeant Vince Lewis. Confirming the white pick-up truck. The suspect was driving had its tires and rinse changed. Disguising the truck the truck in the twenty year old suspect were located just five miles from the crime scene at his house near sixty seventh avenue in Maryland. He's now booked on one count of first degree murder in three counts of aggravated assault. Live from Phoenix police headquarters vetnar KTAR news on immigration immigration crisis. The border patrol says the rush of Central American migrants to the southern border has reached a breaking point. And now comes another big concern. Yuma county sheriff Leon Wilmot says the heat is coming on the Yuma areas. One of the nation's hottest places in the summer mess. What were.

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