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A parody of the song my Sharon I'll tell you what drives me crazy you know I think a lot of you listening email from time to time hello email I'm a big email or I much prefer email to most forms of communication have you want email me by the way you can do so at Moreno NYC radio dot com by the way so Freddie Goldstine the mayor spokesperson did I say that he was a man well it's a it's she is a woman so at the end I misspoke so thank you to my wife corrected me on that thank you but that's not the unit so I have an email signature you know my email signature is my phone number my Twitter handle I I think my professionally mail handle also includes my address my work address that's it and I am just show annoyed with the common Twitter handle of so many that includes something that says please excuse spelling errors sent from iPhone please I apologize for any grammatical errors sent from X. Y. Z. wireless device I mean when your you know what it is it is the twenty first century equivalent of dictated but not read my friend Brenda my entry please excuse any grammatical errors this email has been sent from my mobile device it drives me crazy it drives me absolutely crazy my friend Robert Warnecke please excuse spelling errors sent from my iPhone so when you include that as an email signature at the bottom of your email look I know it's tougher to type on an iPhone or a or a jewel what droid or a Google pixel or whatever kind of mobile device that using it is on a computer I get it so how about you take an extra forty seconds and check the email and see if there are any typos or grammatical errors first of all a lot of these a lot of these wireless devices include spell check many of them even include a grammar check so to me it's not an excuse you can make a tight pony mail just as easily on a computer as you could or grammatical RG easily on a computer as you can on a on a on a smartphone or a wireless device so tell me when you include that in your email signature it's saying to me I am not going to put the time in to check this I'm gonna respond quickly I'm not gonna put the time into two to write a proper email to you I haven't I'm not even gonna look back at the email that I'm about to click send on and if there are any errors in it oh sorry but I don't care enough about your time I don't think you're worthy of proper grammar proper spelling any mail free of typos now I send emails with typos occasionally I spy I'm sure send emails with grammatical errors occasionally everybody does but I don't include a disclaimer at the bottom of the email explaining why they're typos or grammatical errors it's not an excuse to send an email from an iPhone and then all the sudden errors are acceptable now so if you're one of these people that has this.

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