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The senate intelligence committee he announced he's got us support genus aspel so as far as i'm concerned that's done she's good she's good to go because once you get a guy like mark warner on there there's gonna be a few other domino's to follow so we can take calls on that too even going into the was good discussion for the five o'clock hour the do you support gina hassle because it looks like she's going to go in there it is i'm getting all sorts of notices on my phone now about this genus ball from fox news fan in the discussion obviously the fox news fan that it's at fnc ladies rule always keeping up on the show and tweeting me tweeting at me during the show says there's plenty of divorce catholics i know and refers to the annulment yes catholics get an annulment so i in the in the catholic church you have to go back in a null the marriage and by that you declared that it never happened in fact the kennedys i remember it was there was a famous kennedy marriage where the i think it was ted ted kennedy wanted a annulment of his marriage and his wife said no she was like no we're not doing it she said i'm catholic and you you're not getting it so he was denied that so i think it was ted i'm not sure it was one of these kennedy guys they've they've had a long and storied history the question to you eight three three eight five two four eight six six is divorce two available is it has it become too casual and could we use the idea of shame a little bit more in our lives would it help us not only the getting married the catholic church kneeling down and declaring before god the idea that we went through a sacrament that helped because in that first year of marriage when things are tough you know when you're like this is how what's you know what i bargained for it's good to have the fact that you've already declared that it's not going anywhere so you know you're you're you're staying in it.

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