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Kmart there's a discount on sears stock prices well it's down six percent business reports dating 38 past the hour i'm tracy junkie bloomberg business on wbz newsradio 1030 thank you victims of the daycare sex abuse case it bridgewater state university are adding a federal discrimination complaint to their lawsuit against the university wbz's bernie scorpio's reports attorneys for the victims are mending the suit this maternity carmen durso who represents some of the victims claims bridgewater state university broke federal discrimination laws under title nine an and failed to protect the children at the campus daycare the lawsuit will soon include allegations that the university failed to report to the department of children and families after officials learned that former student kyle laughlin assault at some of the children and failure to report to be title nine coordinator which is required by federal law perot schools be credible fun here you have these new reporting requirements and instead many adults do nothing the lawsuit is seeking undisclosed monetary damages bernie scorpio's wbz newsradio 1030 on beacon hill tomorrow the senate plans to debate a bill that would require colleges and universities to adopt detailed address sexual laws assault and domestic violence cases under the proposal these schools would be required to train new students and staff in such things as the meaning of consent the role drugs and alcohol play in the ability to give consent and options for reporting assaults the developer of the casino resort being built in everett says he wants to make it a destination for people from around the world steve wynn spoke to the greater boston chamber of commerce and wbz's doug cope was there when serves it's been a slow painstaking process to create the casino book it will be worth it and our hopes on their plans to make everett and entertainment and convention destination that completes and complements the one that exists already here in bashed when did not give an update on the status of construction body the two point four billiondollar caused an edgy number because healer resort is expected to open in two thousand nineteen in boston doug cope wbz newsradio 1030 the royal canadian mounted police are urging people who stole lobsters from a crash site in new brunswick don't eat them the mouney say the lobsters might have been contaminated by spilled diesel fuel when the truck transporting them overturned.

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Everett, Boston, Greater Boston Chamber Of Commerce discussed on All News, Traffic and Weather

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