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As nothing to do with low, fat cats important in that, too. Okay. Dan? Cheers, cheers, vast, the most metallic clank you ever gonna get? Yeah. A like a metallic clang was in wall, it's dead. That should be your next. That's a good beer. Let's playing. Thank you. Cheers, me this. So removed over next door from migraine brewing. And we all read sketch growing soon as the biggest headache in the world while migraine, no sketch. Oh. Oh. You're talking about you. Old on. All right. So away back. We did. We did a Polk Koss where tall as in leather chair beers. Movie knows well. With usual, you might be more silver than you are right now. So that's okay, too. So I'm with shown curry who sometimes at I'm not quite certain what your relationship is so one of the cofounders, but probably if you wanna think about it more about making sure people drink our relationship development, but that's not your trade, right? No, I'm chiropractor by trade. That's right. You crack my back fo back. I use my hands say that I really liked it when he used his hands on me. He he. Yes. Yes. So I'm also with a friend of the pocus Thome Ryan who's been on the show. An actually his wonderful wife Kelly is with us, the Irish person in our entire environment. Kelly kelly. You just flew in from Atlanta hotlanta, right? And it was and it was. So now we're here in wonderful, Chicago. Whether temperature is draw and the. Nipples starting to rise. Go there anymore. Apple's about nipples with, with, Dan. So as the evening going home become more loose with our conversation. But that's what be is all about, Sean, you brought sketchbook hair what have you gone. So we've got our still, which is the Mexican lager. Basically. Soroti hops. Base corn to row, we our APA burry, which, which we did with Bing, boot society, which uses their hot blames and our dense east and are insufficient. Clearances are the idea. You did it with a pig boot society. We did know women though, so we asked the pink blue society to come in and brew with us, and they used their hop land for that. And I think that you are about to expand out into a bigger space so were actually announcer expand in the taproom, so be tripling the space the taproom, and we're actually looking for a second location that's going to be thirty barrel birdhouse for production. Are you gonna come down south because your way the hell out there in Evanston, the other end of the whoa for people down? In west gone curly distributed down to Carbondale. So if you're not getting our beer we need to talk. Oh, Carbondale down in Carbondale recently. So we actually one of our employees went down to a bar and carbon. Male. And the she orga beer, she goes, well, we actually just blew that cakes. We put something on by sketchbook was great. So you'll orange door and we'll sail on the clearance one insufficient clearance. Which actually that, that's been a couple of my favorite biz for you guys do solely. Those are two of our mainstay our IT as.

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