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Child. Thank as a child reason as a child. When i became a man i put aside childish things at present we see indistinctly as an amir but then face to face at present i know partially then i shall know fully is i am fully known so faith hope and love. Remain these three but the greatest of these is love. Hello my name is deacon almighty addidas. And i want to ask you to support discerning hearts in a special way. We chris mcgregor the board. My all know not everyone listening can help financially. We know we have listeners. From all parts of the world and we have made a commitment since the beginning to make the truth shared through discerning hearts totally free so while you may not be able to contribute financially which you can do is certainly pray but also gives us positive reviews on whatever platform you used to listen to us titans android stitcher spotify however it is that you get these podcasts. Or if you're on youtube and you like our videos please give us a good rating and write a review. The more good ratings and reviews we get. The higher profile in the more listeners will discover us listeners who may have the means to contribute in the future please consider rating us in writing a positive review today a prayer of saint ignatius of loyola take lord and receive all my liberty my memory my understanding and my entire will all that i have and call my you have given all to me to you. Lord i return it. Everything is yours. Do with it what you will give me only your love and your grace. That is enough for me. Did you know that discerning hearts has a free app. And what you can find. All your favorite discerning hearts programming. Father timothy gallagher dr anthony. Lula's beacon james keating mike aquilina dr matthew bunsen and so many more are found on the discerning hearts free app. Did you also know that you can stream discerning hearts programming on numerous streaming platforms. Such as apple podcast. Google play iheart radio pandora spotify stitcher tune in and so many more. And did you know that discerning hearts also has the youtube page. Be sure to check out all these different places where you can find discerning hearts we now return to building the kingdom of love monsignor jonathan today as he looks at us and e we hear these words fascinating story about peter and brian. I went to their home. Forty five years ago and peter was the youngest of nine children at that time and when i win i a numerator all of the names of the family that we're having their home enthroned when i was talking to brian and he was recalling the enthronement. He said you know. When after i was born they all thought for she has nine children. What's here he came brian. The tense child now. Peter was not the youngest. But peter was going to have a brother who came along and who had a perfect match for him and his blood is the blood. This going to be used to save his life here. We are after all these years of suffering and all the prophets and the law and we all under the weight of our sin. But we are going to have a messiah and he is going to come and two thousand fifteen years ago after all of the anguish of the sons and daughters of mankind. The sun center orders of eve. Mary has son and his name is jesus here. Brian came along as the ten child in this family and he was such an example for me up how we must vowed your jesus who came along as the son of berry and the son of god. But do you hear him. Say to james and john and you. Can you be baptized with the baptism. With which i am baptized. Do you see fellow christian who you are. Do you know the kingdom that has been established for you. Do you see the love that jesus has given you through his blood through his death through his suffering. You are in him and have been baptized into him. As he suffered and died and rose from the dead he has united us with him in his baptism. And as you take the water this morning and so often we don't realize the love that is in him for us as we tip it in the font and we bless ourselves in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. Can you be baptized with the baptism. With which i am baptized. Do you know who you are. Because of jesus do you know how he has redeemed you. I have come for the ransom of many because of him i have been saved and ransomed by jesus. Can you drink the cup with which i have offered that. I have drunk when you take the cup today at mass the blood of christ and you drink the cup. It's in his blood. That blood that flows through you that is in you. Buy your baptism and increased in you by the eucharist. I'll precious and powerful. Is that eucharist that you have received. Can you drink the cup. I'm streak or be baptized with the baptism with which. I am.

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