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Presi slid the door open a little bit he stood in the doorway there was a stampede of journalists into the briefing room and he simply said south korea is going to be making a huge statement tonight on a big subject on north korea and then he left so we're waiting to see what these south korean officials who are in washington today have to say we will keep following that for sure chip reid at the white house appreciate its cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here now to talk more about the tariff announcement that was made today which we just heard from ship on joe if if folks are watching it home what what does this mean for them you know if you work for a steal or an aluminum producer it's probably good news that business could increase they may even hire more people but if you work for company that imports steeler aluminum a car manufacturer construction company in industrial giant this may not be so good and because so many more people work in those industries rather than the producers the risk could be quite great here now if you look at the consumer consumers are looking at potentially higher prices already we know the automobile industry is warning car prices could go up and that obviously would not be good for most of us in the biggest possible picture think of this if there are those retaliatory measures that's not good for growth for the economy it may not be very good for the stock market which could put your 401 k or your ira of risk a lot of this right now though is wait and see absolutely original luster thanks very much a onetwo punch of easters is left nearly a million homes and businesses in the dark tonight some have been struggling to stay warm for nearly a week now treason wires are down from.

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