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Answers to those questions. So what happened when you contacted this. Larger company now had subsumed clinic. Twenty where you had been conceived clinic. Twenty became north shore assisted reproductive technology and sought under that leadership and then it became part of iv australia. Which i'm sure you've all heard of which is a very big private privacy. Ivy austrailia was bought by private equity. I believe and it is now part of the giant health which is listed on the australian stock exchange so when you did contact. Ivf austrailia wanting to see the records of your conception what happened well the answer first of all was we've had a look. You're not entitled to those records because you are not a patient. Only mother is. You are entitled to access nothing. But we can tell you that we've gone through and had a look and the information about your sperm donor in your mother's file has been cutout so there is nothing to find so you can't see the file now but even if you could it would have nothing. No no sign of who is in that file. What was destroyed is not the donor's name because that never would have been in my mother's file in the first place was destroyed was the code which identified which man was which which told you who and how many children had been made from that man. And what did you think about that. Being told that you couldn't see that file. But i thought it was pure insanity richard. I'm the file. That's yeah that's me in that file. I'd like i don't understand how my mother is a patient and i'm not a patient. They literally made me. So i sat with that for a while and i thought can i launch any legal action because i cannot see how i do not have a right to that information and i had a chat with a couple of lawyers from law firms and from legal aid and everyone just said nor it happened too long ago..

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