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Selfinterest than simply imposing our will on our neighbors abut we had a lot more leverage uh and to bring to the table as we led and inspired than we do now so we're going to have to change our model of leadership um it is gonna be one where we are going to have to be much we're going to have to let others have a role in a more prominent seat at the table i think that is key for example to keeping china in the international system i think china wants to be a player in the international system we need to give it a seat at the table in an inclusive way consistent with our principal standing for our principles but giving it a role of the table the if we try to exclude china and keep it outside the system that's when china my may try to construct at competitors so i think we have to have an inclusive approach to leadership bringing everyone to the table a giving them a voice giving them a roll but it is still the case that the engine of innovation in in the international system is the united states i mean one of the reasons will the indispensable nation we are still the indispensable nation i'll give you the example in asia for the last several decades in continuing to be the case now um we have better relations with each of the major countries in asia china russia uh less so what russia but certainly china south korean japan we have better relationship with each of them than any of them have with each other and that makes us a an essential balance sir for the region uh we've in some sense played the same role in europe uh in arms of helping the construct the eu and the european institutions political security and economic and we have an important role in helping a europe the speaks with many voices deal with russia which is speaking with one voice these days in a pretty harsh voice to boot so i think uh regrettably there's not gonna be any a dearth of roles for america to play as we adapt revise and revitalize that international system and i think one of the good things about it is that we can now ask comp other countries to.

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