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Alright. I've been promising for how long five years five years i would give you a phone tap so iphone tap someone yesterday you're about to you're about to hear here's what happened. I'm calling a dry cleaner place because i'm about to get married and i went to put on my talks and forgot to put my pants in so i'm pantelis it really is that really is the premise. Is there more to breath all right. Are you ready to hear my attempt at a phone tap. I'm so embarrassed. He was listening to me. Thank you for calling cleaners such as john may help him a huge huge problem okay yes sir. What can i do for you. Dry cleaning earlier this week. Open the bag. Mytalk seato has no pants. Okay <hes> well how you came in and picked up your pants pants runt mega my pants or you guys didn't put the pants in with tuxedo. I should have checked. It and i didn't and i'm getting married mary tonight number. What rec- number no no. It's under my name baba. Oh can you spell that for me. Please l._b. Balbir yeah a first name is calvin cal balbo please. I'm i'm not finding you in the system. Did you come in and did you get a receipt 'cause if so that i can look it up by receipt number. I do not like that okay. Is there a pair of pants sitting around. I'm trying to tell you them trying to help you. I need a receipt number two do ooh. Do you see any lonely pants to sitting in a corner all by themselves wishing. I had my legs in them. Do you see those so. It's we have several parents. I don't see any to slide around since we take better care of that fifty to w the probably the biggest fat ass pants. You have in their fifty to to god i am. I do not see any size fifty two pants. It's very easy to your getting married of four hours. This is my wedding. I need a receipt number though i can't do anything without a receipt number. I'm trying line to help you but i need a little from you and what i need. Is that receipt number four number look for four for a four. I don't know i don't know i don't have the receipt seat you gotta. Help me look to the pants. Just look to take a tip toe through the clothing sir sir. I'll go look for okay. I will shift through our pants. Pot vile while file and i'll look through what do they look like me out with that toy for little c._s._i. Investigating okay ready. There should be only one pair of pants without jacket difficult for me though i'll tell you can't just go out and look for yesterday playing around. That's i'm looking forward in the system. I kept i. I understand why the system you. Should you have the right to dry. Cleaners okay you. You know what i think if we remain calm we'll get something done here okay. Can you describe the pants you see. Just tell me what you got. I fifty two aunts you have can you describe them to me until i have a receipt number or name. That's in our system. I can't help you okay. I asked you go. You're calling cleaners. Johann hope you're polo. Did you just hang up on me. The other screens your eyes out with us loan okay. I'm done with this conversation. Yeah anything talking to say in person for the panthers shop made either under a different name. Maybe they're under duran d. u. R. a. n. Go check duran. Wow this is elvis duran. You know your friend karen. I have a funding and she asked us to play a phone tap. I got i talk to me or you. Can the crew recorded with permission granted by all participants. Always durant durant in the morning..

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Duran D. U. R., Karen, Elvis Duran discussed on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

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