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We got figure it out. We're the elite squad we're back. I mean that's not the retro. Thing is so true because you weren't doing anything. It was your gear anyway when you i mean they're just like there's only a few guys that are getting rhetoric. You're one of them could believe i'm not gonna. I didn't deserve but of course water. It's incredible it so basically they're gonna give us battle bags. There is a move steadily leads so we're the host so we have the script which by the way it was a pretty long script memorize our pros we handled it but but in the script he says figure reveals you know zach and kurt react. We don't know what the reveals are. We just know like okay. You're the reveals to every time the thrown to the reveals here we go. Here's keithly here's house bharti against those guys. I'm like where's august but bill mckean is bias started shining through is what you're saying. He got h. A. r. d. just watching exceed designing these figures yeah but be on the pot. It's like it's like dating this girl for a long time right and things are going great or you think they're going great you know and it's time and she's sending you signal at your signal right deanne after and pictures everything right and you're like okay. This is it. I'm gonna tell her. I love right and you get discouraged. Courage you you you you dig deep down and get it and say baby. You know i love you and she just looks. It doesn't say anything back. That's how i felt onstage. I stage with no reveals. When did you realize the reveal wasn't coming because you got to be sitting on the end of the scripted said okay guys the the panels over said what what because you're probably sitting there going. I mean i guess they could be saving it for the very end just to get our reactions right like goodbye and you're just like flipping through his there and one more thing and are you waiting for like one of the guys hey before you guys go see like got. Steve has some things like in the kofi in the becky concur that i mean we're not gonna complain. I'm not complaining about it was it was it was disappointing but it's it's. It's so funny that i know that you guys you. Both get elites hawkins gets the chase you get the red white and blue jacket and the sunglasses kabakov how mcadoo got that right. You've had those moments and it still like they find a way to still make it hurt don't they. It's never gonna be enough. I mean i love mattel. I love those figures that we've had thought this year for sure. We'd get this was the year to her. You heard it hurt. It hurt it hurt. I'm not mad. I'm i'm not angry. I'm disappointed. What were you more but this is what i'm saying. I think when you found out when you lost the tag titles it was like oh okay okay yeah. This is way more disappointed. What hundred no question this was more disappointing than losing the title. You lost it after a day. I'm i'm very proud of that. Yeah i just explained so i would rather have the title for one day that have it for five and a half months. Why is that because then the moment just lives at the moment. It's it's a zach writer to finally win the title and lose the next day. That's my career yeah..

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