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Jeff all over here with author and speaker June hut and we order we have been speaking it and off and on about the cold and that some may be very familiar even the admitting a little bit of levitate here on on on some of the the the topics and some of the ways that people get into that what are some of the doorways some of the openings that people have into the occult. the cold which is absolutely forbidden by god. it's an attempt to gain supernatural power or supernatural knowledge apart from the god of the Bible. and it generally refers to. five different categories. superstition which can seem. really harmless which is not. fortune telling spiritism black and white magic and psychology now let me explain superstition. these are unfounded beliefs. based not on the Bible but on tradition but it's a signing power to certain items or certain practices that are assumed to have. literally supernatural power. specifically like. black cats of walking under ladders week we've asked a caller who wants to be free of this type of of cultic impact in her life thank she has identified a number of things and so I'm bringing up these specific areas that we're gonna talk about but like divination means it's an attempt to it's call divine or foretell the future through a number of practices of there are some people who are into psychology of sorry astrology astrology or horoscopes that would be the study of the position of the stars and planets to reveal their supposedly influence on people and events. and reading terror cards it's a deck of fifty two cards it's supposed to reveal supernatural information about the future it isn't it there are number that we talk to our caller about which will get to spiritism. is an attempt to communicate with the unseen world. through multiple. practices like channeling. of. guides of H. ours the spear friend as this is these are demonic spirits that appear to befriend or to protect the person. but they used these are not friends of by the way the Bible says when someone tells you to consult medium since spiritus who crisper and matter should not a people inquire of their god why consult the dead on behalf of the living. and and design at that no that's spiritism in regard to like a scripture regarding divination which is fortune telling do not let the profits and diviners among you deceive you that's Jeremiah twenty nine eight ugh those are scriptures that tell us do what we are not to do for example the superstition that pension before I'm going backwards Colossians two eight says see to it that no one takes you capture through hollow and deceptive deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the elemental spirit forces forces of this world rather than on Christ again going to these avenues that you asked about Jeff magic and sorcery magic and sorcery are attempts to control the natural world. by invoking supernatural power from the spirit world through. various practices like I mentioned black and white magic supposedly dip that be safe some who say that white magic is intended for good using rituals to bring about fertility and healing divine needing information. no this is a part from the god of the Bible. and we are clear like even with amulets fishes is he killed thirteen twenty says this is what the lord says I am against your magic charms with which you in snare people. there are and and and see multiple this epic scriptures. in this please CST eight since no one knows the future who can tell someone else wants to come as no one has power over the winds to contain it no one has power over the time of their death..

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