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And then she feted at what we thought was just going to be a bull bearing pasta discomfort Zik. And Scott, Scott, you got been ski everyone. He's Jomon Scuds have been you everybody. No. I I love the confidence you were holding. You're you're holding the balloon right over your head. Because of course, why would you be worried like worst case scenario this hits my? My. Is don't care. And then then the thing gets shot, and we picked up one of the things that pop. Yeah. And then Andrew one Chuck Phil producer, he healed one up. Yeah. Only once famously I Andrew one wife doesn't like him having fun. He wasn't having fun. None of us if you listening. Andrew was having a horrible time the whole time he was frowning. Anyways. He went up we went. Yeah. And then I looked over. And Scott you picked up a duck. Yeah. It was an actual was a syringe raise you shooting a human and gone in the I yeah, it's your patch for life. Yeah. Yeah. You're done. What a story. How'd you lose your dirtbag? Well, that's what was has. If I lost my my wife. No, nobody would nobody would have sympathy of you lost your eye because dark was shot out of a giant. And you were holding a balloon saying should do believe we're the record to. She did miss like Didn't hit. hit. Smarr won miss like five times until she hit and the Blue Ridge massive should a small balloon. This is like a big cock shaped balloon is a big long Watson is what is a regular balloon. But hi, four three times higher than an all rambling. Yeah. This is a big aas balloon. Yeah. And she says pumping the daunting like it's no one's business again completely disinterested. Smile in the face like God. My parents had high hopes. I g shopping things in and you shoot them out. Now, this is also something that I never knew I never knew that John puff windy. Yeah. Does your does your over Jonah pump win? I've nev-. I someone who's been down. It does that's offensive anyway. Joking so darts and then next up was cigarettes. Pumps the pumps the Dodd set. Now, this is the thing is I've been doing this on stage since the one show to do it and the wound puts a cigarette in and she starts like smoking out of a veg, right? What's a cigarette? And she sits like on a chair with her legs up. I think that's up with dog in yoga. She has. She had me light it, you know, I didn't law, and I let it go discussion. And you're afraid you're you're going to light her pussy on fire. Like as like, she's not completely shaved his where the kings of Leon song. Classic. And then she smokes vagina. She smokes. She pops. Now what happens if she goes to the doctor the chic, but talk of cut down to five. You've got cervical cancer are how that happened. The most defensive part is after that. Hold on has made coming. So the dart even with the dark that could take out your I think she comes around the tip basket you tip. I mean like all right. Good job. You're shots and darts. He didn't kill us all your homeless people. I always want to give money to home. I don't want to touch their hand. So I know there's a fence, but I'm very generous with my money. I always tape pig on top of stuff. But sometimes I see a homeless person. I'm like throw them like one hundred dollars, and they come up to shake my hand that wasn't part of the deal. Yeah. Throw it like at their face. Now sort of drop it in the latte. Mike is one hundred. And then when the basket comes over there like they try to touch you. And you're like, I'll give you double money Fano. Right. I I made a mistake once I'm driving. I used to have a pickup truck. And this guy went needed a ride like just down the street, and he's got a light. And he goes, hey, can I get a ride on a mile asset? Sure. And he was going to hop in the back, and I felt like those kinda demeaning and not just getting the front with me. Holy fuck. It was like the Seinfeld episode where they can't get the smell it. It took me like a month. They get this..

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