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Butch having sex with women there shot from above somewhere over his bed. A ceramics camera is discovered on a high shelf across from the bed. It was hidden behind a teddy bear and a potted plant. On another high shelf in the living room. Police, find a souvenir movie director's clapperboard an officer checks behind it and find another camera. There's a wire tach to it, and he follows it to a VCR. Detectives play the tape and discover that Bush had turned on the surveillance system as he left for work on Saturday night for hours. The cameras recorded nothing but an empty house. Then the sun came up and Bush walks into the house with Sharon Anderson and Meraj IRS at his side. The tape captures their after hours party. The officers watched stunned as the crime plays out before them. For this podcast, the south Florida sun sentinel requested interviews with the police and prosecutors who worked the murders in nineteen ninety four to talk about the video. But because the case is set to go back to trial this year, all of our requests were declined or went unanswered. Craig scarlet was one of the lead officers on the scene that morning. He's on the witness list for Eibar upcoming trial, so he wouldn't talk. But in two thousand fourteen, he spoke with CNN for their show, death row stories about the discovery of the videotape. I was outside their Camaro of this and took tape up into the and starts up there. Butch Casey, walking around the night before getting ready to go to work. We start fast forward again and we, we're going to watch this trial unfold on and David right in front of us. It was really amazing because you know back in nineteen ninety four, not many people were hooking houses up with all kinds of video. This gruesome was. The video was probably the most significant piece of evidence I've ever seen in a case. The video was shot with nineteen Ninety-four technology. So it's not exactly high definition. In fact, the black and white pictures grainy and the focus is soft and there's no sound, but what is happening is clean up. And it's chilling. Sharon Marie are sitting at the dining room table and Butch standing taking a sip from glass man walks into the house through the sliding glass door leading from the backyard. He's wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses that obscure his space. He's carrying TEC nine semi automatic machine gun. He pointed at Butch and Butch raises hands into the air. A second shooter walks through the door. Sharon Anderson jumps out of her chair and runs into a nearby bedroom. The second man is wearing a shirt wrapped around his head to hide his face, and he's carrying a large dick. He chases Sharon into the bedroom. The intruder with machine-gun raises it above his head and slams the butt end of it into Butch space, but falls to the floor marinas pushed over in her chair. She falls to the floor hitting her head against the wall on the way down the intruder kneels over Butch and begins hitting him across the face with the barrel of the machine gun. He appears to be yelling something, Butch, maybe asking him questions. The second shooter emerges from the bedroom. He's not carrying the stick anymore. Instead, he has a handgun which Casey's own chrome-plated pistol, which pushed took out of its holster when he got home and placed in his bedroom, the intruder begins to ransack the house. It's clear. He's looking for something as he moves around the dining and kitchen areas. He can be seen picking things up and sticking them in his pockets. At one point, both men search bushes, pockets, and then one of them removes put his boots. He finds something in them and appears to stick it in his pockets. Probably money remember which was known, always carry wads of cash in his boots and when his body was discovered, which was missing a sock that was never found. Here's bar manager. Peter Bednarz, explaining the thing about Bush Casey and his boots to Miramar police detective. Paul Manzella in a statement after the killings. Or or the horse of votes on the side on our hearts buse. At anytime. On.

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