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It would have been reject and that's about from forty the scripted percent doctrine of the country frames right today this and is pressing they are the united under states the fact that the doing ayatollah a measuring was had contest been ripping them about off nuclear the weapons graph agreed to corruption we can't end begin that billions to normalize as you just this pointed this out is dangerous much of it and cash this childish from both the united this is states on a and special the europeans is not befitting since the leader the of the sanctions free world were lifted i think we after can apply their attest so called to after sixteen smart choice as they pretend today the to tests be will be they'd have created in hundreds place for the of leader thousands of of good jobs this rebuilding woman leader germany the china iranian or brazil crumbling infrastructure what we say and how instead recover these he tweets pocketed bill after we would smart say these as they are the pretend messages to be from a person they'd who is have not created well hundreds from a of leader thousands of good who jobs is not rebuilding fit for office the i've the iranian asked judge twitter spokesman crumbling infrastructure does this violate and instead terms of service he pocketed making this billions kind of threat toward because north of the korea richest people in as so in tehran far no the media ayatollah s comments in the they've companies squander still waiting the rest to hear of it think they're on trying funding to decide the north if korean this nuclear kind of weapons tweet in beyond referring programmes to a nuclear button propping that he knows up how the assad to use regime works in the whether there actually is a violation of the terms of service because it may threaten violence two and go no this is not the first time that we have seen the only thing the media likes his appeasement then are going to be happy with president trump her saying we're not going to take your threats itally and we're not going to stand by and let you threatening united states of america now they prefer some when reagan said the evil empire oh that caused eyes going to start world war three everybody predicted at the time all he ended the cold war and we didn't fire a shot and he brought the former soviet union.

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