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Yeah me too. Which i don't like doing now but the baseball is versus where Max free versus keegan ache and let's get it started. Max reads been fucking dalen. Yeah he has gone. Six eighty one runs six. Give one on run. Sixth innings gave up no runs foreign runs in his last four. Twenty five innings pitched keegan owen. Seven eight point one three braves first-half come. Oh hi also took the braves. But i went full game. Who give me all the bats. Gimme all so you can get braves first. Half or sorry for full game is one and a half got. This is gonna get ugly. Charlie barnes versus. Nestor cortes junior. Also on this one as well gimme yankees mice. One and a half full game Cortez actually not pretty bad. Not bad not bad. Two point five five year if wondering last time out. Actually you know what friend of the show friend of the show. Sportsbook consider area you. Dave serpent friend of the show. The sent me a donkeys perla. Yeah for the six in a row. The dodgers and yankees one on the same day So yankees and dodgers fucking to teamers have been cashing and sports books. Not happy about it. So start the day. I'm on the yankees and braves you as well. Yeah you do on i five. Yeah tyler alexander versus robbie ray. This is not a big. This is big favorite. That i could not let us know thank you to. You can't trust them now. Can't trust the blue jays yeah feels like they're scuffling scuffling a little bit Angels at cleveland. High nevada versus ham. How guys amount. Yeah okay again. That's the odds are actually close. Ah game where it's two contenders a game where it's lucas. Gelato versus michael laka. I took south. Yeah what's your on southside. First time money line. I took let me see her. Jalil's lasts three on the road. One earned run in each game michael walker. his last three eighteen earned runs. Gave me the white sox. Yeah oh shit. Taking the white sox. I five money. Did you read off so i was. I was looking at my bet. did you read off. waqar stats recently. Yeah a tuner runs less three. They haven't been great g. lido on the road. One earned run in each. So julie does road stats have been good miami at the cincinnati hernandez versus sonny gray. I stayed away from this one. I can't trust the no i'm taking. I'm operating fade. The marlins give. I'm rawdon it that makes sense deigned dunning versus chris sale. I couldn't do it. No i mean yeah. I f- results minus one. Eighty one and a half. I mean the socks socks lose this fucking game. They came out. Said the towards the front office's fault if we don't make the playoffs low late now should have got fuck insures..

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