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Nine, three, six, one, one, eight, that's eight, hundred, four, nine, three, sixty, one, eighteen. You. Spent. In the Middle East and I just wanted to stay that a great fan of your work. I don't interrupt me please. Ask. You must be crazy use a D.. O.. G. And if you was my man, I, would have been kicked you out of my house by now this is what had happened. Gosh that is dramatic. All Right Anyway Messi he hasn't spoken since the Byron Munich loss. Would he really remember he said that he was going to retire a couple of times I don't know. But the thing to remember about Messi is what has he done for Barcelona? Four hundred and eighty five games. Four hundred and forty four goals. For Argentina. ONE HUNDRED THIRTY EIGHT CAPS seventy goals? Think about England's all time record of forty. Nine, Bobby Charlton and Gary Lineker had. So the guy. Is still scoring goals at an amazing clip. A goal every other game like Pele. That's great. But seriously, he almost has a goal.

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