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It's it's it's like, you know, he was I loved him. I loved him. He he reminded me of like, even though late in the movie in it is it's a it's a crazy plan that he wants a voting block is what he wants out of this this Jimmy Carter. Basically, the unions gut the peanut farmer into the presidency. He reminded me of of the bad guy in roadhouse. Kevin. Hi, right. What's what's his name though in roadhouse? His actual name is it's Ben Khazar. Thank you, like those steaks. It felt like just local bad guy. Villan stakes until it was like, oh, no. I need the unions. So that I can have votes. So I can get in that. I was like, oh, this guy kind of smart. It was good. And he's like I kept on trying to understand did did he actually love and care about his son the second he didn't give a fuck about Kenny. He doesn't give a fuck about anyone. Does he care about action? Jacksonville four. I work says it at the end and there's a power action Jackson's tied up. He's like ask me anything. Yes. Do you that plan is anyway here? Deed in clear up your little thing. 'cause oh fill in those holes. He then is like his guy is engine is gonna SAS eight the guy at the party. Yes. Then he's going to go. But the whole thing immediately goes awry, right because action Jackson shows up everything happens. He just tells the pickpocket to run. Yeah. That's their whole plan. Run who still goes grabs vanity in his trying to give her the OD. But what are you doing man that son's side plot where the woman comes up to Craig t Nelson goes, there's no parking the car. Oh, yeah. By the way, that women the actual line was. I've been waiting. Nobody to take the car. There's no. Thank you. She goes truly. I watched it. I rewound it. I watched it a few times because I was like these words could never come out of my mouth. I would literally it's the performance of a lifetime. She delivers..

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