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Sparred with that guy. He can bang. that's life. you know what i mean you want it to. Between this guy or that a listener that dancers mario lopez them. And that's that's life that's life. I don't know what the message is. But it's disappointing. Vague disappoint disappointment. All right let's bring it home geographic. You got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news dopes check. That was billy with gina grad. We've got billy with the knife. What what. I hear from your wonderful listeners. All the time. And i always appreciate the nice notes. I just wanted to let you know right now. No decision made on fruit of the year. Obviously you have several months left to go. But i did why we we had another not exactly pleasant conversation. Adam and myself at Jimmy to gets in with this plum nonsense but anyway the i. I'm sorry but when he starts off with the plum. I have to sort of null and void. Take hand but i say you know. You're out of your depth jimmy. You know you know about things. What are you starting with your plum. That's when i mean no so i of did a half turn toward you. Sorta shoulder jimmy. You were gracious. I was nice but you don't start with the plum tie i went in. I said like why do you take the social media the disparage what is right now. A delicious yellow peach and said david. We're here to celebrate south this weekend not wrong but the yellow pages extraordinary watermelon. It's they just wanted to ask. You has the watermelon. Ever one because the watermelon very underrated the best texture of any fruit on the planet very hydrating. Very broad very broad audience to the point. Where did you know that there was a guerilla that they trained in sign language and the word that she came up with for watermelon was sweet. Candy water is there. A better description of a watermelon. I ask you cannot imagine how wrong also snow and onion was hurt cry food. Isn't that guy who looks like mick jagger the singer doesn't he sing song about. Oh harry styles hairstyles metaphor for something else. This is The envy apple is just doing something historic. Apple's take a couple of months off. That's what fruits do they have to take to rejuvenate and get back in the lab and figure things out and be better for the next season. Not the envy apple. The envy apple is on a run. It's got to be fourteen months deep now. Every i never heard of an apple. That july getting lumped in with the kim on the plum but in another episode when check comes back. I don't want to know what the best fruit is. I want to know what the best hit is to suck on. Oh because the stone i. I'm not a huge. We have plums. Don't crack my top eight but number one suck on the stone. Fruit is just walking around with the thing and your mouth all right minnesota or minneapolis. Just say acme comedy co. that's coming up. August twenty seven. Twenty eight royal oak michigan coming up That's at the royal of music theater. September tenth you can amp dot com. This live shows everywhere. You can check out.

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