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And you know I'm selfish and you guys at Liss. Cowan. Pals you guys know I'm hard for Oklahoma City not then I got anything against Houston don't want Oklahoma City to win so I can get paid get that respect. So Advantage Oklahoma City tonight because Mike Dantonio. Normal that your head coach. Doesn't have a contract extension and one foot in one foot out I. Feel like that could be enough in a series that to meet bills is right down the middle can go either way i. that's kind of an advantage for okay. See I mean who knows how Houston with play when all this? Gets worked out. Might get Tony Distant many innovative things there if they. If they think he's gone, do they not like play with that extra effort? I don't know I felt like throughout this playoffs feel like they're bringing it and maybe this isn't news to them, but I just find it interesting that Mike Dantonio linked to a job already had a job in the playoffs he's playing tonight. Team is playing tonight on a completely different team and he's linked to another job where I just fired. So I don't know maybe I'm reading in between the lines here but I do think that could be an advantage of Oklahoma. City. Yeah. I do too but Houston's been dealing with this for a while scall- going back to last off season Daryl Morey the GM of the rockets and Tillman, for t to the new owner flew to West. Virginia to meet with. Mike Dantonio Mike De. Antonis Agent Warren Gary, who's one of the most powerful agents in the NBA was not at the meeting he was not invited to the meeting. So no extension was signed at that meeting nor was one agreed upon both sides kind of begrudgingly agreed. All right. We'll play the year out with Mike. Is a lame duck kip coach, and then he will be an unrestricted free agent. So to speak as head coach Gal and this is where this thing is so crazy in the NBA. I. Think when you're inside like you and I were scale for a long time, you tend to normalize it or think it's normal. Then when you take a step back and you removed from league like I. have been for the last two years after fifteen plus inside the walls is not normal like these aren't how normal businesses act normal businesses behave where you have. You know Philadelphia's still playing in a playoff series and before game four even starts there leaks seem to come from the seventy sixers organization that round is on his way out you know regardless of what happens the rest of the series? Then nate McMillan. Again, he signs an extension a week or so ago then now he is he is out as the Pacers head coach and then Mike Dantonio who scall- they have a chance you and I don't think it's a great chance given they have to be too tough. Okay. See team this round, and then if they do that, they have to play the number one in the western conference, the Lakers. But all that being said scale the rockets or a talented team. The, guys who set the lines in Vegas seem to think they have a chance to win the championship as to others. So all all that being said, it's just really unusual. It's really unique. Unfortunately, it's becoming more and more normal in the NBA scale the sideshow. So to speak the circus but that is part of doing business in the NBA and twenty twenty and. I'll be interested to see if Dan, Tony and the rockets places players can ignore the distractions in the chatter that is now heating up Tony Not only is he not going to be back in Houston, but he's likely to coach somewhere else in a few of the teams including Indiana are now listed as his potential landing spots for the two, thousand, twenty, twenty, one these. Yeah. There's been a lot of tea lou talk with a lot of with Philadelphia New Orleans there's I wonder if Macmillan with jump into these some of these talks as well I think nick McMillan would be really good for 'em be because he doesn't care man he calls people out and I. that's I think that'd be good for embiid and Simmons to go kind of a different direction when it comes to being held accountable and until I think the. Coaching search micro. What was the off season? We're like no coaches lost their job. was that coming into this year that every coach was was safe i. think it was, and now we're like we're gonNA have all kinds of movement when it comes to coach it's so funny how that stuff works I. Everyone stands Pat Until One person does it and then everyone just jumped on that bandwagon afterwards. So really interesting what's going on in the NBA and I've always thought nate's teams played extremely hard and I always Thought. They played and they were always prepared when they're in there from my days when I used to like watching the sonics play and I grew up I grew up idolizing nate McMillan dot. He was really good in Portland I thought he was good at Indiana at times. So this is a really interesting thing because there are some jobs out there and then be interesting if nate's wants to maybe take a step back and take the year off or does he want to get right back into that fire? Yeah. He's still getting paid at least some level for next season scallon that's really interesting. You bring up a great point two points actually one is that the Indiana Pacers now join a very crowded field with a lot of desirable head coaching jobs right so we have the Philadelphia Seventy sixers we have the Brooklyn. Nets. Have the Chicago Bulls, the New Orleans Pelicans, and now the Indiana Pacers scale. So those are five jobs and they're all pretty good ones I mean. You can make an argument for you want young talent you want veteran talent do.

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