President Trump, Donald Trump, Trump Healy discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


President Trump's border wall. It was his number one campaign promise, but now Trump card find anyone willing to pay for its Mexico refused to pay for its congress refused to pay for it. He tried to put it on Jared's credit card, but couldn't figure out how the chip works, sir. You're pulling it out to soon like, well, I don't know if this machine is on the pill. I'm not getting trapped again, I don't want another Eric. And so on Friday on Friday, the president had no other choice, but to take emergency action in the rose garden. The president did what he had long threatened to do to clearing the national emergency to get billions of dollars. Congress wouldn't give him to build his border wall. Now, the battle moves to the courts with challenges coming from border, states, landowners, and others, and they're already pointing to this stunning admission I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster. Wait, hold up. So Trump at MIT he didn't need to decline emergency. He's doing it to save time that sort of negates his entire argument. It'd be like a pilot coming out of the corporate with a parachute saying, look, I don't have to open the emergency door. But we're right over my house, and I don't wanna fight traffic. Thank you for flying spirit airlines. Look you can argue about it. But Trump Healy thinks that Mexicans coming over the border is a national emergency. And so in response America has to build a wall, which is a very gradual response to an emergency like, sir. They're invading. Sure. We mobilize our tanks. Call in airstrikes. No, no, no premier finest brick layers in three to five years. They'll regret invading us. Trump knows that this isn't the end of the bottle Wolfowitz right because it's a national emergency..

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