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We need that on the soundboard. Please keeping list of these. I just thought that was outrageously. Like how mad do you have to be to be like. I'm gonna make it so that when kids look at the cover of this thick pretty much like. Do you remember that's camel. The camel animated camel for camel cigarettes when we were growing kobe's clearly a cock and balls undeniable if you look at the joe camel animated character. He's face is john cochran balls. Just not. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to say this in front of you joel's joel language. She's she's respect our queen. Respect the queen Oh by the way. I wanna say something. Sorry stephen and you're gonna have your moment. But i i the t shirt we put out with all the names on. I kinda fucked up. Because i answered the question who should be on the t. shirt like very late at night and i want you know that i took everyone's constructive criticism when i say constructive. I mean everyone's screaming at me. And i fixed the t shirt so now it includes ted it includes jordan and i changed it from todd to the todd. So if you were someone who already bought it like. I think how many people like five hundred people bought. You're going to have a very limited edition shirt you got you got Stephen no but i i should have invested. I'll anyway my point is those that was a limited edition. Those are gone and now correct adjustment. We now we have the fixture anyway. They're on come. Bureau bureau dot com. This fake doctors will friends. And you'll see the shirts all right guys. You have a question for us. The first question whether third she was one of the times If you're just sad upset in a terrible mood What's kind of your your go-to are one or to go to movies or tv shows. You can just watch over and over again. Laugh and being a good donald. That's a good question for you I like try. I like movies When i feeling down and out that are With the character kind of feels like i feel but his triumphant in an indian triumphant. I should and so movies like growing up. I was a huge fan of can't buy me love and you know like rom coms a great for when you're in your for me personally when you're in your feelings and you wanna to you know you wanna still go through the motions but at the individual wanna feel love So for me. A good rom com is always great. When i am in a bad mood absolutely i usually just charleen to comedy half hour comedy. I've been some. That'll make me laugh. I watched I've been watching the second season of dave lately. Larry's really fucking bizarre and weird but funny I tend to. I tend to seek out comedic thing i think. Cheer me up abs- absolutely the other thing is With how music is kind of so important in scrubs and it just kind of evoking the emotions and you're in donald's just absolute love for for music Music can bring you to that that that moment in that place like few other things i can and so. My question is What song if if you care to share the memory Wait what's the key memory that a. What's the song that invokes the keep memory and If he cared a share it you know the memory is okay so for me. It's not my memory. It's well is my memory but it. It's not my emotion that i don't know how to explain it In family ties. It was the first time that i realized where. I felt the angst for another character. And it was when alex keaton's girlfriend left for the first time and he's writing a letter to her at the kitchen table and the music. That's playing in the background. I think is what did you think i would do at this moment. Right and our that was like the first time that i felt that the you know that you know i'd i'd never felt love before when that came out i had never felt you know I felt for my parents but never felt like love for a another. Yeah like romantic love. Before what through that and i felt like really for the first time through that moment And so i i you know. That's one that emotion i mean. It's it was sparked by someone else's moment but it's still resonated in me. Did you mean stephen specifically in in a piece of film or tv not necessarily just just music in general. Oh yeah 'cause. When i thought about it i thought about Fool in the rain with led zeppelin which is the that we left in walked back down the aisle after our wedding kind of our our saw kind of brings me back to that memory. In the goofy conversation on 'cause we got married on the beach afterwards and Like how are we supposed to walk to do here. We didn't do this in rehearsal very well. I finally did you walk into the ocean. Did you make us we. We kept on going through her up in my arms and we we just kept on walking for awhile. Why where where. Where do you you said you. You're you weren kentucky or are you are still We were we are Just south in atlanta georgia. Yeah i'm coming. I'm coming to the. I haven't flown in so long i'm going to. I'm going to suit up and come on a plane. you flown. How long flight for our flight. Four and a half hour flight. Yeah about that comes yourself. Yellow vida watch. They call it hotlanta off. La right now it's la right now. I like it though. People complain about it. But i like it. I love like that. He he let your much rather be hot and cold anything absolutely no doubt no doubt that code can kiss it what age you think i am. I answered your question. Was because i was going to answer like donald like what song i've said this before. I'm sorry to be a broken record but the cea song that ends six feet under breathe me. I just heard her in the gym. The other day and i had like instantly brought me back to all the emotions i had with that beautiful series ending and and people think say that i'm decent placing music. I think that's one of the best place. Pieces of music in a in a show is so perfect and so moving to me. Okay and then. There's one song that makes me cry. No matter when it comes on no matter what. And i don't know why we i know what it is trying to get into their soon. What you're trying to do there can be me. Recos believe that still hasn't seen this movie. He doesn't know hope is phil college. This is whitney houston and mariah carey in brazil. Only works first animated film cheese. When.

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