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Talkradio six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom the democrats released their response so i'm joe to euro fox news a democrat memo aims to counter republican narrative that the fbi and justice department conspired against president trump during the campaign by abusing surveillance powers and the russia investigation the name highlight is that there was no spying on the trump campaign they say that when they got this that surveillance warrants out for the trump campaign a carter page that there were multiple streams of intelligence they were not solely reliant on the dossier can they make the argument in the democrat memo that after they had the initial warrant for surveillance they were able to obtain additional intelligence the justified at least three renewals for the carter page warrant and they felt the fbi and justice department were in keeping with their standards of shielding sources and methods and they didn't deviate from that functions catherine herridge president trump is calling the democrat memola total political legal bust he says it just confirms all of the terrible things that were done outrage over reports that at least four broward county sheriff's deputies stayed outside the school in parkland florida while the teenagers staged a deadly rampage inside state representative republican bill hager here in florida tweeted as a result of the media reports coming out showing the gross incompetence of the broward sheriff's i am calling on for governor scott to remove sheriff israel from his post also today the chairman of the freedom caucus north carolina congressman mark meadows tweeting out the broward county sheriff in front of a nationwide audience on cnn lecture the nra and millions of law abiding gun owners when all along it was his department did nothing after thirty nine calls multiple threats and fail to engage the shooter functions matt finn two deputies are being investigated for ignoring a tip about the shooter fox news fair and balanced.

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