Senator Joe Manchin, Henry Reese Sheridan, President Joe Biden discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist


Well, it's time now for a letter from New York City this week, Monica's correspondent in the Big Apple, Henry Reese Sheridan runs a much needed background check on senator Joe Manchin. Senator Joe Manchin has a positive leader that he will accept his family. Because of opposition from senator Joe Manchin. President Joe Biden has been frustrated. He's been frustrated by Joe Manchin, the democratic senator from West Virginia. The president needs mansion's support to pass a bill that would fund some really big domestic policies. Biden wants to spend loads of money on infrastructure, climate change and social programs, but to do that, he's got to raise the dash. Biden's latest plan to fund his proposals is a so called billionaires tax. Without going into too much detail, it would work by taxing the 700 very wealthiest people in America. Manchin says he doesn't like the idea of targeting these people. To expand social programs when you have trust funds that aren't solvent or going inside. You can see the job creators who contribute enough to society as it is. It's unusual position for a Democrat. I want to find out where Manchin is coming from, so I decide to research him. I open mansions Wikipedia page. I'm quickly distracted away from substantive investigation by two bizarre biographical facts. First, Manchin's surname is apparently derived from the Italian name Mancini, munchie, which according to Google Translate, literally.

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