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I'm trying to make this as practical as possible for you like me tomorrow. Means I sit down with my calendar and I go week by week and I start to ask what things can I say no to so that I can be more present with my kids so that they get more eyeball time with daddy like that needs to happen today case. That's number one thing and then I ask like what needs to happen. This week. we have scheduled that we would have dates every birthday day of our kids. So my son's birthday is on the twenty second. My daughter's birthdays on the third and my other daughter's birthday on the twenty fourth forth so every month on those days we have a one on one day. Either Mommy or daddy gets us well to be totally honest with you. We've been slacking on those because of how busy schedule has been and as a result like we've fallen out of that rhythm I think our kids subconsciously feel that there's not this connection when Daddy's talking it's often. I'm I'm kind of reacting to their behavior. As as opposed to being proactive in just pursuing their hearts and part of me not being able to pursue their hearts have just missed one on one deep connection time so my first step for the day was to reassign my schedule and then my second set for the week was like I need to connect with my kids this week put on my calendars that I'm just one on one with them and I'm not being reactive to their behavior but I'm proactive. And chasing their heart and then the the last thing so again to break this down for you. It's like what do you need to do as as a coach as a as a parent as spiritual leader of your home. What do you need to do today? Like when he's the change today to help you get closer to that goal. What needs to change this week and then I would just just say what needs to change between now? What kind of exercises or things can you do differently between now and the end of the year? Don't even go crazy when you're thinking through having kids that love the Lord and are beaten to him when your old man like that can feel so ambiguous that you don't even know where to begin so just break it down when the change today. Usually it's schedule well things like that. That should probably for most of us. That's where a lot of things start in our schedule. So just ask yourself. Is there something that needs to change today. As there's something that needs to schedule can hear my daughter screaming mm-hmm. Is there something that needs to schedule this week. And is there something that needs to schedule. Between now and December thirty one and a lot of ideas could be like I. Is it a date night with your wife. When's the the last time you've just taken your wife on a date is your is there perishing in your marriage? Is there as your marriage in certain areas moving toward death because of lack of vision again. My vision is that I'm an old man on lit sitting on a recliner with a healthy marriage that I've lived that I've been in for a long time with kids who love the Lord. That's the long-term vision. So what needs to happen this week to make that happen. Well I need to like pursue my wife's heart this week or this month I need to make sure I get a day a on the calendar with her right or maybe a means of cutting my NFL. Sunday ticket Whatever subscription so that I can cut that time out and spended ended on Taking my wife or or taking giving my wife an opportunity to go fill her tank by saint. Hey Babe here's some money that we we've got now reallocating in the budget so you can go get your nails down. Go get a cup of coffee or go out with some girlfriends or whatever the thing is right. But we're we're just readjusting priorities So what needs to happen today when he's the happened this week and what needs to happen by the end of the year. Don't go crazy. Don't think two thousand twenty yet. Just think in the next month and a half. What would need to change in order for you to help move towards that vision but again set the vision in your heart? This is where I'm trying to go paint that mental picture in your head. Here's where I'm trying to lead my family and that's awesome but you also need to think through. You're not just trying to win a championship. You're trying to practice well this week. And so what would it look like for you this week. To make some adjustments so that your family doesn't feel chaotic and you're just putting the blame on them for you to look in the mirror to really ask like what what needs to change change on me and so I guess I guess men like if I if I wrap it all up your family Birlik it. They need vision. Y- they don't need you to blame them. Your your wife doesn't need you to blame her for the marriage and again I know this making general statements. Here there's all kinds. I don't know your personal situation but just for a man as a man to say like all right. I'm stepping stepping up like I'm you know. Look myself in the mirror what I need to own here and your family needs vision. They don't they don't need blamed. They need vision because when there is no vision things will perish. Something is going to die somewhere it will either move towards life or death and when there's no vision where there's no idea of what we're trying to go as a family things will start to die and so ask ask yourself like what what is it. That's dying as a result of my lack of vision and then bro like just seek the Lord Direction if you're stuck if you like. I don't know where we're trying to go. Seek the Lord James One five if any of you don't know if any of you lacks wisdom asked Lord and his generous he will give it to you. Ask The Lord for for wisdom repent rent got. I'm sorry that I've been passive or that. I haven't lead my family toward this. Would you be gracious enough. Would you forgive me. Helped me step into this this role so I can leave. My family will seek the Lord for direction repent ask for wisdom. Come up with a game plan again for today for this week and for this month breath and then again for the rest of the year vision always dictates values. That's like if you could remember one thing. This is what I wanNA leave you with the vision dictates vows values. Here's what I mean by that when you know where you're trying to go you know what you can focus on. You know the things that you can place value on. If I don't know where I'm going I'm going to start value in a bunch of dumb things. Fantasy Football Leagues let Sinar kids up for few extra things. Let's put more things on on the schedule. Let's say yes to this thing on that night or whatever because you don't really know where you're going but when your vision it starts to dictate things that you value. Well no I actually value. Oh you time. With my family I actually value with the Lord actually value time with a kind of a small group of people that I can invest my life to for the sake of making disciples and it changes the things that I value because I have vision vision dictates value And when you don't have vision menu just saying Yes to everything. Things feel chaotic. There is no Structure and things start to perish things around. You will start today. I hope that's helpful. I love you guys. I hope that makes sense to you again. WanNa give you.

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